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Coronavirus Covid-19 cell

Are we heading for another lockdown?


The media wheel is turning faster at the moment, as it warns about the dangers of the Omicron variant of the Covid virus...

Shopper holding paper bag with sign of Black Friday

Are Black Friday deals as good as they seem?


Whilst Black Friday discounts seem a good deal to shoppers, the event is not necessarily for our benefit...

Speedee and Fido Dido

Mascots in advertising


Nowadays, you don’t see many mascots in advertising. Most companies today seem to want to create a serious atmosphere.

4 hands holding puzzle pieces

The benefits of collaboration


When setting up your business, your goals are probably the only ones on the horizon. There’s so much to do when launching an enterprise...

Three generations of blonde women

What’s your succession plan?


Some businesses stay in the family for many generations. The company simply adapts to changing times, technologies and customer bases...

Debt written on wooden blocks with coins on top

Repossessions, bankruptcies and insolvencies on the rise…


For some enterprises, the pressure has simply become too much. In September 2021 there were 1,446 insolvencies...

Black women with laptop and smart phone remote working

Should employees take a pay cut for working from home?


Employers and employees are suggesting that remote jobs, when advertised in the future, should offer a lower wage...

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What are your thoughts on ‘woke culture’?


I was contemplating this the other day, following something my other half said about an advertisement for an upcoming TV programme.

Start your side hustle now. Why wait? No more excuses. New Year resolution begins anytime!

The age of the side hustle


In my day, these were called ‘lifestyle businesses’. No more than a part-time concern and flexible enough to fit around your main employment, they provide extra income that can allow you to enjoy a few extra luxuries.

Electric car at charging station

Are electric cars the future?


There’s been a huge drive (pardon the pun) to persuade the general public to not buy petrol and diesel cars in favour of purchasing electric or hybrid versions.

Don’t be dumb. Letter board. Message board. Saying. Sayings. Quote. Quotes. Sayings and quotes. Quotes and sayings. Life quote. Life lessons. Wise word. Wisdom.

The local village idiot is no longer alone


Social media has now been around for more than twenty years, with the biggest platform, Facebook, boasting a user base of 1.7 billion...

Don't panic written on an empty toilet roll

Don’t panic, Mr. Mainwairing!


Fast forward eighteen months, and though Covid hasn’t disappeared, we have become better at treating it, at keeping ourselves safe, and we’re generally better at putting the virus in perspective with everything else that’s going on for us.