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4X FASTER VIDEO RENDERING in Adobe Premiere Pro with NVENC

May Adobe Premiere Pro Update

Stephen Caile


Designer with hat using adobe premiere pro software

When we’ve finished creating our videos and have them as perfect as they possibly can be, we then have to render them; this can sometimes take quite a while! However this process has just had a major speed increase with the latest update for Adobe Premiere Pro (May 2020).

With the latest version of Premiere (Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 14.2), it has support for Hardware-Accelerated Encoding using NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC), which basically means that the computer will use the power of its graphics card (GPU) to render videos rather than using it’s CPU and software encoding like it has always done previously. The use of NVENC makes render times up to 4X faster than before and will save creators so much time in their workflow. It just means they wont have as much free time to make cups of tea!

NVENC isn’t a new feature for graphics cards, in fact, it was first introduced with the NVIDIA GForce 600 series cards all the way back in 2012. So you don’t have to have the most up to date card to take advantage of this fantastic feature! A list of supported cards can be found here:

Previously, the CPU would decode the source videos into a format that Premiere can work with and then the GPU would handle things like effects, transitions and video layers on the timeline, whilst the CPU did the rest of the work. The CPU would then also encode and render the end result which would cause a bottleneck in the video production process as the CPU was being used for both decoding and encoding of the videos. However, that has now all changed, as having the option to use the GPU and Hardware Encoding to render and encode the final result will save us all so much time!

Make sure that you have installed the latest update for your PC’s graphics drivers and when you next render out a video in Adobe Premiere Pro be sure to select Hardware Accelerated Encoding to ensure that you’re using the full power of your PC and rendering as fast as you possibly can.

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