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Are we in for another four years of Trump?

Diane Hall


Image of a man pretending to be Donald Trump

Update: 11/11/20

The date as I write is 11.11.2020 – Remembrance Day in the UK. A day to remember the sacrifices past generations made for the betterment of our country.

Talking about the betterment of countries, the question I raised above, about whether America (and the rest of the world) were to enjoy/endure another four years of Trump, still hasn’t been answered. To date, there is little true confirmation from across the pond as to who actually won the American election.

Trump is alleging that fraud was committed during the election process, citing postal votes as the main focus of his claims. Given that many people chose to mail their votes because they were concerned about catching coronavirus at a heavily-populated polling station, there may be no conspiracy as to why, in this election, so many votes were posted.

As Trump plays golf for yet another day in a row, digs and jibes continue to be made by his team. When asked for evidence to back up the president’s shouts of fraud, however, nothing is presented; instead, Trump and his mouthpieces simply cackle, ‘Wait and see!’

The election count began more than a week ago. What is America actually waiting for?

News outlets across the globe have been more decisive, and claimed Biden as the winner. Whether he feels jubilant about being the people’s choice (or, more likely, the option on the polling card that was ‘NOT TRUMP’) we can only speculate, as he’s doing his best to appear level-headed, calm and humble. He has emphasised that he wants to bring the country together, whether the person he represents was a staunch Trump supporter or not. I think that was another aspect as to why so many Americans voted…lethargy, four years ago, caused Trump to get in, and divisions within the country have grown exponentially since that day. In their eyes, a vote for Biden was a vote to end racial prejudice, to reduce the gap between rich and poor, to try another person’s approach towards combatting Covid-19…the list could go on.

So, it’s not absolutely clear whether Biden has won. But it is clear that Trump won’t leave The White House without a fight. If nothing else, it has produced a new spate of comical memes on the subject…


Original Article

There’s been so much speculation in the run-up to the American Presidential Election over who will win. With a couple of head-to-head debates that were slammed for the apparent childishness shown by both candidates, to claims from the current president that the voting is fixed and fraudulent, and with an unprecedented percentage of Americans making the effort to vote, it’s certainly not been a dull few weeks across the pond.

As I write, votes are still being counted, though Biden *looks* to have the upper hand at the moment. However, as the world witnessed four years ago, it ain’t over until it’s over…Hilary Clinton thought she’d clinched it until every vote was in and Trump was found to have more of them.

The four years in which Trump has been president have been controversial to say the least. His handling of the coronavirus pandemic bordered on negligent at its outset. Any claim put to him that he disagrees with is dismissed as ‘fake news’. And his penchant for tweeting has landed him in trouble a few times.

There’s even the fear that he won’t actually leave the White House if Biden reportedly receives the majority vote. His legal team are already briefed for claims of illegal activity within the voting process, with postal voting the focus of his alleged unease.

I’m certainly not a political expert, and this is only my opinion, but I believe that another four years of Trump isn’t what America needs. I’ve watched television interviews where voters were asked who they planned to put their cross against, and Trump supporters, to me, seem almost to be brainwashed. He appears to be like a demi-god to some of them, which isn’t healthy for anyone. Even if you support one candidate over another, you should still be open-minded about their actions, to determine if they’re being made in your best interests—you shouldn’t just follow them blindly…what if they lead you over a cliff?

Trump is not a believer of climate change, despite the many scientists’ reports on the subject and the progress made to combat the issue under previous administrations. He’s even been quoted as saying, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. His many views on climate change appear contradictory, however, as he was one of many prominent business leaders who signed an open letter published in The New York Times back in 2009—a letter that showed their support for legislation that could help combat further damage to the environment.

His supporters believe that every promise Trump made during his previous campaign to be president was dutifully carried out once he was in office. This simply isn’t true. His fans would also say any action he has made has changed the country for the better; this is a matter of opinion. Changes such as cuts in corporation tax won him many fans in the business sector, despite his opposition claiming that this action just made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Though Trump vowed to reduce America’s debt, it has risen by $8 trillion in the time he’s been in office. To be fair to the guy, even if he was fully aware that a pandemic was just around the corner, he couldn’t have predicted fully how Covid-19 would pan out.

The promise of a walled border with Mexico was one promise that gave comedians in the U.S. swathes of rich material. However crazy it may have sounded, Trump alleges that the wall is almost finished—all 1,600 kilometres of it. The reality is less than half of this area has been built, with much of the work only reinforcing existing fencing. According to The Associated Press, any brand-new barriers that have been built only amount to approx. 7 kilometres. Mexico hasn’t financially contributed to any of this work as of yet, despite Trump claiming the Latin American country would foot the bill.

Perhaps it’s easy to see which side of the fence I sit on—and I reiterate, this article stems from my opinion only and is based on information fed to me by the mainstream media, which is in itself fundamentally flawed.

Whichever candidate wins, let’s hope the loser graciously accepts the decision and the country’s elected president initially concentrates on controlling the coronavirus and ensuring any subsequent recession is managed well. Just like every other country across the world is having to do. For now, let’s save the political bickering for another day and choose to save lives instead.

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