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Heavenly video creation…

Diane Hall


Video Creation

Recently, we recreated the boardroom scene from the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. As bigshot magazine editors at ITK Magazine (well, sort of), we felt the DWP script was appropriate, though we changed the dialogue a little to suit our Yorkshire-based company.

Though we often put out little comedy skits and quick how-to videos across our social media, we spent much more time on this project, to ensure we got the right camera angles, the most appropriate characters amongst our staff to play the gods on screen, and as convincing a New York background as possible…which, when you’re situated on an industrial estate in Doncaster, isn’t easy.

The video we created was well-received (more so by those who have seen the film and knew Streep’s iconic lines by heart). However, our work really comes into its own when you view the original and our version side by side.

Enough talk, here you go.

Being the wordy person on the team, I had no idea how much work would go into our DWP reboot. We had help from one of our interns to rewrite the script, to organise the props and set, to plan the camera angles and to formulate the running order for filming. It still took an entire morning to nail the recording, then hours of editing afterwards, to remove our mistakes and get rid of any unnecessary/additional footage.

The process inspired this article. Firstly, I want as many eyes on the end result as possible, and therefore any reason to talk about our Devil Wears Prada video is welcome. It was so much fun to create.

Secondly, I wanted to make business owners aware just how much work goes into video creation.

Though the footage used in your own video project may only amount to a few minutes, I can assure you, it’s taken many, many more minutes than this to plan, position, film and edit the end result—if you wanted it to look professional, that is. We couldn’t have created our DWP scene on someone’s iPhone, for example.

You get what you pay for in marketing. If you want to show that you’re serious, credible and have years of expertise, you need to demonstrate this when putting any form of content out there—which extends to your videos.

For instance, we may create funny/silly ‘filler’ videos, but even these take more planning than you’d probably think. We create these to show our personality, energy and humour, which are also important when forging connections and attracting the right people to you. However, if we only created these ‘fun’ videos, we’d be giving the impression that we don’t take video work seriously or that we believe the quality of said footage doesn’t have to be above what any amateur could produce. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our DWP recreation shows that we can be serious when we want to, and that we do know what we’re doing when it comes to creating videos.

So, what could we create for you and your business? Why not get in touch and find out?

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