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In The Know – hitting all targets

Double the hits. Double the exposure, reaching warm AND new, prospective leads.


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In The Know (ITK) is well on its way to becoming Yorkshire’s premier online magazine website and the most-visited knowledge bank across the county, with plans to duplicate this success on a national and international basis.

It’s not our targets that we want to address in this article, though.

When asked about how the site works, and how Yorkshire business owners can increase their visibility and credibility, people seem confused as to how those appearing on ITK can appeal to a broad audience (i.e. potential clients in sectors they may never have even thought of), whilst also getting right under the noses of their target market at the same time.


ITK features lots of content on its site, which makes it appeal to a broad range of business owners, whatever their interests, concerns or sector. The ITK team send out lots of general links to both subscribers and non-subscribers (via email marketing and social media) to whet people’s appetite. We also match articles to their respective target audiences, in order to hit niches.

Some people like to download the whole magazine/browse the whole site, whilst others prefer to just read the specific article that they’ve been sent/which has caught their interest.

This two-pronged approach allows the people who have written content for ITK to enjoy enquiries and interest from people that are actively interested in what they offer (as all good marketing should aim to do), but it also establishes them as an expert in their field to people outside of their target market. Whilst the latter may not be direct buyers of what you have to offer, by planting a seed in their brains, when a colleague, friend or relative has a need for your services, they’ll pull your name out of the bag. Because, the thing with niche audiences is that, although they’re lucrative, they’re limited. By all means, hone your target practice on being a big fish in a small pond, but if you can land a whopper from the deep, dark ocean, too – and at no extra cost - why wouldn’t you? Talk about a win/win situation.

It’s not a complicated process to create content for ITK, either. You write your article (after all, you know your subject and what runs through your customers’ minds much better than we do), and we’ll do the rest. Your piece will be professionally edited, professionally designed (if appearing in ITK’s emagazine and depending on your package), and all the relative targeting, advertising and SEO work will be done by us. You don’t need to worry about metadata, backlinks or all those other wonderful technical SEO terms, just enjoy traffic back to your site, greater visibility across the whole of Yorkshire and potentially having your phone ringing off the hook.

We have just three packages concerning the inclusion of your content on ITK - as we like to keep things simple. Our bronze package is £150, our silver offering is £350, and our top package, the gold standard, is just £500. Take a look at the packages page on the ITK website to find out exactly what you will receive.

We also get asked about the kind of content and topics ITK creators should write about. Our answer: whatever educates your audience. ITK is not designed to be a paid-for sales pitch. It’s purposely free at source, so that readers (i.e. potential customers) continually access it. If readers just feel they’re being sold to, it’s unlikely that they’ll return – which helps no one. If, however, we feature educational content, news, opinions, sector insights, solutions to problems, how-to guides, and a whole host of truly valuable information, not only will traffic flock to the ITK site and on to your website, you will be seen as someone knowledgeable about what it is you do, someone trustworthy, someone who cares about moving your clients from A to B. Credibility is a hard-earned commodity.

Although we do not accept articles that have already been published on the web (it will just counteract any SEO work we do for you), you are welcome to repurpose content you have used before. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the ITK team and allow us to put your mind at rest.

SEO is not a dark, mysterious, magical practice. It’s a proven system that, when done well, can bring people to your door. You concentrate on wowing people with your words, and we will concentrate on the placing of your article…the pushing, the promoting and the publicising. Neither is SEO an expensive practice (certainly not with ITK anyway) – it can save you time and money compared with more traditional methods of marketing.

Do you want to (literally) be In The Know? Contact for more information.

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