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Increase your chances of getting leads through social media

Elizabeth Cromwell


Mobile phone displaying Facebook logo

In the world of business and marketing, everyone wants more leads, as these usually result in more sales, which brings in more money. This is all well and good, but how do you actually get leads from your social media efforts?

Leads cannot be guaranteed through social media; however, if you ensure that your social media is optimised and that your product or service is in demand, people will naturally want to enquire about it and buy it.

Here are my top tips on how to generate leads through social media:

  • Utilise social media advertising on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Adverts are a great way to direct people to your social media platform, and to collect information, depending on your KPIs. Facebook forms are useful, as there are so many ways to customise Facebook ads; they can then be shown on Instagram, too. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn all have lead generation ads, whereas Pinterest and Twitter don’t - however, both these platforms offer options to boost social media lead generation.

  • One of the most important things to remember when creating a social media account is to optimise your social media profile

You need to ensure that potential customers can contact you when they eventually stumble over your profile on the relevant platform - whether this is via your email address, a phone number, by messenger, or a website link. Also, include calls to action, showing what you want potential customers to do, i.e. ‘book now’; ‘get tickets’.

  • As a business, you continuously go up against your competition. You need to create engaging, stand out content

Any images or videos that you upload need to be of a certain quality. Quality always trumps quantity. Your images should also relate to your end goal, and be interesting enough to draw people's attention. If you want people to buy tickets for an event, you should create a buzz around the particular day/evening and what they’ll enjoy if they were to attend, so that they’ll be more likely to buy tickets.

  • So, your page has caught the attention of potential customers and they’ve followed your call to action…now what?

You need to lead people to a sleek, simple landing page that displays all information in a clear and concise way. If you include a form on your landing page, keep the form simple and only ask for the information you really need. According to*, ‘the optimal number of form fields for the most conversions from your landing pages is 3’. If possible, have an option for people to use pre-fill information, where, with one click of a button, someone could fill in the whole form easily.


Laptop displaying a web page

Laptop displaying a web page

Website landing page example

  • To draw in potential customers, why not offer a discount or host a competition?

Time-sensitive discounts and offers are a great way to draw in customers and direct them towards your website. Even if they do not purchase or sign up for anything on your site, your traffic will increase, and they’ll be more likely to revisit your social media/website.

Hosting a competition is a great way to gather customer information. Ask for people’s names and email addresses and send a confirmation when they enter; this will be the channel you will contact them on if they win. How you use the information gathered depends on your goals - you may want to grow your following, increase engagement, or sell your products or services.

  • My final      tip is to continuously refer back to your analytics and use the data collected to improve your ads

When you post content on social media you automatically create analytics that can be viewed within the relevant platform. These analytics tend to be quite basic - such as age, gender, and where visitors to your site are located…regardless, you can still utilise this information to target ads at your audience.

I reiterate it’s important to remember that leads from social media can never be guaranteed. You can have the best advert, but you still might not generate leads from it. It’s just the way social media works. That said, nothing ventured is ever a waste of time; you can learn from previous ads and their performance and tweak them accordingly to generate future leads.

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