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NEW: Instagram Reels

When you’re happy with your Reel, you can style up your clip using text, GIFs, the draw tool, and more.

Elizabeth Cromwell


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Instagram is a popular social media platform; to keep its competitive edge and remain current it releases new features from time to time.

Introducing Instagram Reels. This is a completely new feature to the platform, and it allows users to record short, 15-second clips to music, with a range of ‘effects’ - all within the story feature of the app. If such features sound a little familiar, that's because they are. If you’ve ever used TikTok, use the Instagram Reels feature, and you’ll certainly notice similarities between the apps.

Arrows pointing to features

Arrows pointing to features
Arrows pointing to features

Instagram Reel Features

TikTok Features

So, Instagram has released this new feature, but how can you incorporate it into your marketing strategy?

As with TikTok, users can create their own 15-second clips, attach music, filters, and even edit the clips’ speed. The short videos can then be shared to stories, the explore feed and the new ‘Reels’ tab that has now appeared on users’ profiles. If they find a clip using music the user likes, they simply tap the music and click ‘use audio’ to create their own clips.

The Reels feature looks and feels incredibly similar to TikToks ‘for you’ page. We don’t yet know or understand how the algorithm for Reels works; however, it’s likely influenced by the accounts you already follow and the type of content you typically engage with, as well as your location.

Some Reels include a ‘featured’ tag. According to the platform, ‘If your reel is featured in ‘Explore’, you’ll receive a notification. Featured reels comprise a selection of public reels chosen by Instagram to help you discover original content that we hope will entertain and inspire you.’

When you’re happy with your Reel, you can style up your clip using text, GIFs, the draw tool, and more.

Due to the growing popularity of TikTok, it’s no surprise that Instagram wanted to replicate certain features on its own platform, especially considering they share the same core demographic.

Many people presume that if you use Instagram’s latest features, they will reward you and that there’s a higher chance that your content will go out to more people, which is perfect if you want your content to reach a larger audience.

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