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The benefits of creating a Facebook group for your business

Facebook groups are a great way to create/join clusters of customers/potential customers and interact with them.

Brett Riley-Tomlinson


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They allow you to interact with your audience in ways you can’t on your Facebook business page. For example, you can ask your members questions about new products and services that you may plan to release; their answers could help you fine-tune your offering before it’s launched into the public arena.

They’re also useful when it comes to building sustainable relationships with your customers and evoking a sense of community. Customers tend to be loyal to businesses that treat them well; interacting with, involving and engaging group members on a regular basis shows that the business cares, which in turn creates brand loyalty and trust.

People in your Facebook group will most likely be your customers or people interested in your business. No one forces them to participate and actively talk about/interact with your brand. Take advantage of their curiosity and learn their likes and dislikes. Ask for feedback on your brand and implement any changes you deem necessary. It’s sometimes difficult to see your business and brand through customers’ eyes, and Facebook groups offer an opportunity to gather crucial market research.

If managed well, the members of your group could also learn from each other, which will encourage them to keep interacting with the posts. The more they interact, the more Facebook will show them the group’s content in their daily news feed, including the promotional posts you may include every now and again.

Given that it will be your Facebook group, you’ll have the permission to promote your products and services; however, it’s important that you don’t bombard group members. This could see your audience lose interest – you don’t want them to think that they’re simply in the group to be sold to.

Overall, Facebook groups are a great way to create a community. A community made up of customers old and new, as well as people who may be interested in what you have to offer at some point in the future.

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