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Elegant mature business woman remote working from home, watching online webinar on her laptop computer.

Old marketers

According to the ONS, three-quarters of the people employed in the marketing industry are under 45. Typically a sector at the forefront of new ideas, products and technologies, it’s perhaps not surprising that young people are attracted to working in the field.


Truss has gone. Boris has ruled himself out. Can we just go with the lettuce?

A week ago, Liz Truss, quite rightly, resigned. She has gone down in history as arguably the worst prime minister ever, and certainly the one with the shortest tenure in office.

Businesses’ faux pas around the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

Following Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s sad passing, social media teams around the country have struggled to convey the correct message to their customers. In marketing lingo...

Mascots in advertising

Nowadays, you don’t see many mascots in advertising. Most companies today seem to want to create a serious atmosphere.

Contactless card limit raised to £100

The limit for such transactions used to be £30; however, when cash payments were discouraged during the pandemic for fear of passing on the virus, this was raised to £45. The latest amendment has seen the limit more than double to £100.

The poor pups…

Animal charities have been inundated with unwanted pets over recent months...

Where do you find inspiration for your content?

As editor and the most prolific writer for ITK Magazine, having penned more than 200 articles for the site over the last year, I will admit that my ideas for content can sometimes dry up.

The value of peer boards

I used to be a regular networker for my business, attending at least one event a week—sometimes three or four. This dropped off for me even before Covid happened, just because I’d scaled down my company..

Million Pound House Draws for charity, are they a scam?

You may have seen the Omaze adverts on the telly…win a beautiful house worth a million pounds; proceeds from your ticket sales will go to charity.

Why you should enter business awards

When you’re the chief, cook and bottle-washer in your enterprise, it may seem impossible to find the time to enter business awards as you battle to keep on top of work.

Will business travel reduce now we’re used to Zoom?

There’s no denying that Zoom and similar video conferencing programs proved lifesavers during the pandemic. When travel wasn’t encouraged/allowed, and in-person meetings were banned...

Back to normal, back to the grindstone…

In a matter of days, most of the restrictions we’ve been living under will be lifted. One of these is the recommendation to work from home; the government will leave it up to employers to decide whether they continue with remote working

Can you automate all the jobs you hate in your business?

Look to the public sector, namely supermarkets, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evokes a lot of fear amongst their employees. ‘AI will eventually take my job!’ is a common fear that’s often voiced.

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