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Caitlin Hall

Caitlin is a keen writer of fiction and non-fiction and she holds a degree in English Literature from the University of York. Over the last few years, she has created various blogs and articles for multiple companies and publications. She also has her own film blog that demonstrates her passion for the industry.

Thursday in fall

Thank God its Thursday


Thursdays are officially the new Fridays, with workers spending their Thursday evenings in pubs and bars and waking up on Friday morning with a hangover. Friday after-work drinks are a thing of the past..

Woman with blue nails holding a 1 pence coin from a pile

Does it pay to be petty 22 year battle over 21p


As a nation, we’re underpaid and ripped off nearly every day. It's quite likely that you've been charged unfairly at some point, but just paid up because it was too much of a hassle to fight. Corporations rely on this mentality.

scorching sun overlooking dry planes

Should the UK have siestas


The days of damp and dismal summers may be long gone—replaced by sweltering heat, sunburn, water shortages, and crop failures. Does the modern workplace need to adapt to extreme heat?

What is greenwashing


A number of UK fashion companies have recently come under fire for ‘greenwashing’. ASOS, Boohoo, and George at Asda, are being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)...

Pile of UK cash

Counting your pennies How the cost of living crisis is driving people back to cash


The Post Office has revealed that Brits are turning to cash as the cost of living rises, with personal cash withdrawals up 20% on last year.

TikTok logo in a black cube

Goodbye News at 10 Hello TikTok


OFCOM’s annual report has found that TikTok is the fastest growing news source for UK adults...