Caitlin Hall

Caitlin is a keen writer of fiction and non-fiction and she holds a degree in English Literature from the University of York. Over the last few years, she has created various blogs and articles for multiple companies and publications. She also has her own film blog that demonstrates her passion for the industry.

3d version of the twitter logo on a blue background

Twitter Blue Is Social Media Worth Paying For


In early June, Twitter launched their ‘first-ever subscription offering’, Twitter Blue. However, the social media platform, launched in 2006, is quick to emphasise the fact that ‘a free Twitter is not going away, and never will’.

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Productivity during the pandemic


Playing the guitar, learning a language, or starting to cross stitch, the pandemic forced an inordinate amount of time on our hands, and we filled it by taking up new hobbies. With social media as the only way to connect with our...

Social Media Influencer

The Grey Areas of Influencer Marketing


Growing up with the internet, as I did, it’s of no surprise to me that traditional methods of marketing are failing to grab the attention of millennials and Generation Z. Many have wised up to the artifice and pretence of the advertisements