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Lance Cody-Valdez

A few years ago, burned out and miserable from his job in corporate marketing, Lance Cody-Valdez decided it was time to invest in himself. He quit his job the following day and used his meager savings to stay afloat as he built a career as a freelance writer and content marketer. He created to help others use freelancing to escape the 9 to 5 daily grind.

Revitalize Your Companys Brand Effective Tips for a Refresh


Elevate your brand in a dynamic market! Learn powerful strategies to refresh your brand

Optimizing Electronics Manufacturing Key Strategies for Efficiency


Unlock success in electronics manufacturing with these efficiency-boosting strategies. From lean principles to advanced quality control, we've got you covered!

Man in Grey Shirt Holding White Paper

Effective Branding Tips for Small Businesses


If you're a new small business owner, you're probably worried about how you're going to attract customers to your products or services. Branding is one tool that can help.

A dog and a freelancer girl with a laptop at home

Make hiring freelancers work for your business


Here are ITK Magazine’s tips that will make hiring freelancers a breeze...

a collection of finance charts and infographics, detailing a businesses financial statistics.

Five Strategies To Get Your Small Business Out of Debt


According to experts, small businesses should aim to keep their debt levels at no more than 30% of their business’s capital. If your business consistently exceeds this, it may be time to create a plan to reduce your debt. The following tips will help:

Having a wedding at home.

Planning on Hosting a Home Wedding Heres How to Prep Your Home


There’s a growing trend in the UK for cost-conscious couples, which is hosting their wedding at home. Of course, the success of a home wedding depends largely on where you live and your housing situation

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