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Pam Goodison

Pam first learned the techniques of stained glass in 2008 and she has been hooked ever since, and now runs her own business: Pam Goodison Glass.

Her inspiration comes from many sources and she's always learning new techniques. In 2014, she began teaching stained glass classes from her workshop and found great satisfaction in helping someone create a beautiful piece of glass art.

man operating cafe

What The FSB Offers Small Businesses


There are plenty of benefits to enjoy should you consider becoming a member of the FSB—or, to give it its full title: The Federation Of Small Businesses. Their mission is..

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Consider joining a business support organisation


There are many organisations out there that offer a wide range of business support. This includes The Federation of Small Businesses as well as the British Chamber of Commerce..

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How to be better organised within your business


It can be quite daunting trying to juggle lots of tasks whilst also remembering everything you need to do when you’re busy in your business..

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Cash Flow Forecasting


Many business owners panic a little when they think about cash flow forecasting, as they don’t really know where to start. They would prefer to leave it to an expert, such as their..

British Pounds

The importance of cash flow


You may have heard the saying, ‘Turnover is vanity and cash flow is sanity’—but what exactly does this mean?

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How to generate a regular income in your business


Given the state of the economy at the moment, it’s now even more important to look at generating a regular income and possibly diversifying your business.

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