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Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward has for the past 30+ years, helped hundreds of organisations develop long-term financial sustainability through cost-savings and generating new sources of funding. She has also created a network of professional service providers - whatever your organisation needs, she will most likely know someone who can help you.

David Cameron giving speech

Why Camerons Big Society didnt work


When the Conservative Party creams off more and more taxpayers’ money from the top for their own benefit (don’t get me started!), it means there’s less to combat the issues of people in need when the remaining funds eventually trickle down.

Elderly woman in despair and stressed at her lacking financial situation due to inflation and cost of living rising

Rising costs impacting charities ability to provide support


There’s no getting away from the cost-of-living crisis. Turn on your TV, radio or scroll through your social feeds and there will be some reference to how expensive it is to do anything at the moment—even simply existing.

Labrador dog behind green bars

The poor pups


Animal charities have been inundated with unwanted pets over recent months...

Pink Raffle tickets

Million Pound House Draws for charity are they a scam


You may have seen the Omaze adverts on the telly…win a beautiful house worth a million pounds; proceeds from your ticket sales will go to charity.

Domestic Violence

The link between sport and domestic violence


As I write, England are through to the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Whilst this is great for the nation and its sporting prowess on the world stage, it’s not so good for victims of domestic abuse.

Leader on top of his pedistal

Are you suffering from Founder Syndrome


It can be a wonderful feeling when your charitable organisation grows out of its infancy. When it reaches a point of expansion and growth; when it becomes a..

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