Work What is it all about


Man walking towards a Train going to work

It’s a distant memory for those of us who started our careers many years ago. Although industry and technology have developed over the years, the principles of preparing for work, after leaving school..

Unemployment Creates New Opportunities


Jars of honey stack on a shelf

Being positive about the world around us at this current time will help everyone mentally cope with the situation we’re in. I’m getting some great vibes at the moment, from what...

Low waste living


Recycle symbol

The health of our planet was a hot topic before Covid-19 came along and moved our priorities to the health of the entire human race. That’s not to say that the movement for a better environment...

man with head buried in the sand

Don’t bury your head in the sand

Man and woman having a drink waiting to open an ice cream shop

Managing your expectations when first starting out

Business man and woman debating terms.

Have we forgotten how to debate

Signpost showing Union Jack flag and European union flag

As if Covid wasnt enough for businesses

Instagram logo made out of blue neon lights

How to write Instagram captions

Woman trying to walk in Icy and snowy conditions

How to stay safe and well in wintery conditions

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