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Dont allow your tax bill to catch you out


Tax Calculator on yellow background

Recently, I spoke about managing your cashflow and creating a financial forecast, so that you know how your business is performing and the money you have available in your business (if any). This leads me nicely onto the subject of the dreaded..

Have we forgotten how to debate


Business man and woman debating terms.

I don’t know when the cut-off point was, or if it’s something that’s built up gradually, but posts across social media platforms are much more brutal than they used to be. I don’t often put my opinion..

Another use for Zoom


Woman in front of Video call with glass of wine

Apparently, Zoom is not just a tool for business people across the world who are unable to network in person due to Covid-19. According to reports, Zoom has become one of the major..

Flash Player Logo

Flash is Dead but why

Dog Balancing lemons on its paw

Is a portfolio career a good idea during these times

Padlock in front of laptop computer showing data on the screen.

How to uphold security whilst your workforce is remote

Various UK coins

Funding not getting where its needed

Sorry we are closed sign with red background

Lockdown 3.0 is kicking my arse

man with head buried in the sand

Don’t bury your head in the sand

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