The Word of Mouth Secret


Networking word made out of scrabble tiles

Everyone in business knows that the best business comes from word of mouth recommendations. Indeed, various studies have shown that over 90% of people ...

007 proves the final nail in cinema’s coffin


Empty dirty cinema seats

Cinemas were amongst the many businesses that were forced to close completely when national lockdown restrictions were imposed in March 2020...

No hope for young people in the job market


Robot looking for a Job

There’s no doubt that the pandemic and lockdown have impacted young people, and we’re not just referring to the palaver surrounding school leavers’ GSCEs...

Man working on laptop and holding documents working from home

Increase in heating bills due to Working From Home

Pen and Pad on a Laptop

Could these social media updates help your business?

Google Icon on mobile on red background

Why you need a Google My Business Page

Person working on a laptop with a camera and coffee on a wooden desk

Coveting a home office

Picture of a large kitchen with Dinning table

Home décor trends to enjoy and imitate

Ikea shopping trollies parked up

IKEA helping the issue of waste

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