Are you afraid to be in front of a camera


Camera lens with illusions colours in the background

It’s unlikely that any business owner out there doesn’t understand the merit of including video in their marketing mix. However, knowing this doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re...

Working from home not proper job


Woman working on a laptop from a comfy chair

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits associated with working from home. Not everyone sees a working from home role as a proper job

How much money do Christmas Songs still make


Clip from Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)

In my car I have a specific CD. This CD never leaves the vehicle (yes, I still have a CD player in my car. It's old) and the disc doesn't get played until - at least - the 1st of December. I'll also stop..

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Do things differently

Why do we use Wix


Give your business a Spring clean

Contractors working on a job

Things to consider when hiring a contractor

Earning loyalty from your team

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