Shopper holding paper bag with sign of Black Friday

Are Black Friday deals as good as they seem?

Whilst Black Friday discounts seem a good deal to shoppers, the event is not necessarily for our benefit...


The word hustle on a sticker on a concrete block

Back to normal, back to the grindstone…

In a matter of days, most of the restrictions we’ve been living under will be lifted. One of these is the recommendation to work from home; the government will leave it up to employers to decide whether they continue with remote working

Back of a Graduates Head facing her collegues.

Graduates from poorer backgrounds in a conundrum

Maybe it’s always been the case, that graduates from more affluent backgrounds have it easier than those from the other end of the financial spectrum. Maybe Covid just seems to have exacerbated the issue.

A book group for business owners, anyone?

The traditional book group could probably be imagined as a set of women (I’m not being sexist here, they are mainly populated by..

Safe home working

Stay safe when working from home

The pandemic, over the last year, has seen many of us change routine. No commuting, simply shuffling from bed to desk to carry out our work…it’s fair to say that we may currently..

Camera lens with illusions colours in the background

Are you afraid to be in front of a camera?

It’s unlikely that any business owner out there doesn’t understand the merit of including video in their marketing mix. However, knowing this doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re...

Woman working on a laptop from a comfy chair

Working from home not proper job

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits associated with working from home. Not everyone sees a working from home role as a proper job

Clip from Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition)

How much money do Christmas Songs still make?

In my car I have a specific CD. This CD never leaves the vehicle (yes, I still have a CD player in my car. It's old) and the disc doesn't get played until - at least - the 1st of December. I'll also stop..

Matt Appleby from Fit20 standing in front of his equipment

The man behind the fitness

My background is in IT and financial services, where I spent almost twenty years building a career. I was always good at what I did, but it never truly fulfilled me. I often struggled...

Christmas Dinner table set up

What will you be doing this Christmas?

Following the government's announcement that up to three families can gather in a bubble between December 23rd and 27th, millions of us could potentially..

Woman sat in front of desk stressed out from working from home.

Gaining peace when working at home…

Whilst it’s more physically convenient to work from home—no commute, no micro-managing boss breathing down your neck, no office politics or dress code—it does come with its

Woman in front of Video call with glass of wine

Another use for Zoom

Apparently, Zoom is not just a tool for business people across the world who are unable to network in person due to Covid-19. According to reports, Zoom has become one of the major..

Hands using a Xbox controller

New subscription service could be the future of gaming

As of the 10th November 2020 an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription will give you access to EA Play as well as the already vast library of games associated