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AI Takes Over Hollywood: Is Your Favourite Actor Next?

AI Takes Over Hollywood: Is Your Favourite Actor Next?

28 March 2024

Connor Banks

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AI actors looking at lines
AI Illustration of AI Actors

In a landscape where technology continuously intersects with creativity, the recent revelation by Mamma Mia star Sara Poyzer has ignited concerns within the entertainment industry. Poyzer, renowned for her captivating performances in theatre and voice acting, took to social media to express her dismay after losing a job opportunity to artificial intelligence (AI). Despite her illustrious career and undeniable talent, the BBC opted for an AI-generated voice-over Poyzer, sparking a poignant discussion about the implications of AI integration in traditional artistic domains. This incident sheds light on broader questions surrounding the future of human creativity, the value of professional expertise, and the ethical considerations inherent in the rise of AI within the entertainment sector.

The recent labour strikes in Hollywood are just one indication of the growing unease among industry professionals regarding the increasing influence of AI on entertainment. There's a fear that AI Actors could replace human performers, leading to a loss of authenticity and human connection in storytelling.

Within organisations like SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America, there's a real sense of urgency as members grapple with the potential threat AI poses to their livelihoods and the essence of storytelling itself. It's not just about financial concerns; it's about preserving the humanity and artistic integrity of the industry in an increasingly digital world.

As AI technology advances, there's a legitimate concern that human talent could be sidelined in favour of AI-driven content creation. The outcome of these labour disputes will play a crucial role in shaping the future of entertainment, ensuring that creativity and human experience remain central to media innovation.

The story of Sara Poyzer losing a role to AI might seem like a small incident, but it highlights larger questions about the role of technology in the entertainment industry. It's a reminder that we must tread carefully as we navigate the intersection of technology and creativity, ensuring that human voices and experiences are not lost in the process.

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