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Charity Boxing: A Heartfelt Blend of Fundraising and Memorable Moments

Charity Boxing: A Heartfelt Blend of Fundraising and Memorable Moments

27 November 2023

Gregory Devine

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Man walking to the ring for a charity boxing match.

The endeavour to raise funds for charity poses a considerable challenge, especially in the current economic climate, where people are often hesitant to part with their money without receiving something in return. The efficacy of charity boxing events, however, stands out as a commendable solution to this issue. These events not only serve as remarkable occasions for both participants and their supporters but also provide an excellent avenue for fundraising.

Recently there was an event, held at Newcastle's Civic Centre, that garnered a substantial crowd rallying behind individuals—friends, family members, or partners—venturing into their inaugural boxing matches, all in the name of a noble cause. Participants received an eight-week boxing camp at no cost, courtesy of a former bronze Commonwealth Games medalist. In exchange for this invaluable opportunity, organisers mandated that each competitor raise a minimum of £100 for the designated charity, typically Mind.

With 13 fights scheduled, the event featured 26 competitors, each committed to raising at least £100. This meant that before the night commenced, a minimum of £2600 had already been amassed for charity. Given that most fighters exceeded the £100 target, the starting donation surpassed £3000.

Boxing Gloves in black and white against a wall, hanging by their laces.

However, orchestrating such events comes with its own set of expenses. Venue rental, sound and light systems, the boxing ring, and compensating essential staff such as the Master of Ceremonies, ring girls, and referees all incur costs that must be covered. Ticket sales, whether individual or as part of table purchases, contribute to meeting these operational expenses. Additionally, a percentage of the sales further bolsters the final charitable donation.

Fundraising efforts persist throughout the night, with businesses from across Newcastle contributing prizes for a mid-event raffle. Prizes ranged from bottles of champagne to free boxing lessons and £50 vouchers at restaurants. The inclusion of various payment methods, including cash, card, and contactless options, ensures accessibility for attendees and maximises the potential for donations.

Two men boxing each other at an event.

While some may assume that minimising costs leads to higher fundraising yields, the success of this particular event lies in its meticulous presentation. A well-executed event generates more buzz, attracting increased interest from prospective participants. Beyond fundraising, these individuals relish a rare opportunity to experience the thrill of being a genuine boxer. The anticipation of one's name being announced before the ring walk, with friends and family cheering in attendance, is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience. The addition of pyrotechnics just as the competitor steps into the ring further enhances the event's allure.

In essence, this well-organised event not only serves as an outstanding fundraiser but also creates lasting memories for the fighters and their supporters. Its professionalism not only elevates the overall experience but also contributes to a more substantial financial contribution to the designated charity, fulfilling the primary objective of the event.

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