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Finding content inspiration

Finding content inspiration

11 March 2024

ITK Magazine

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When writing social media content for your business, you may sometimes suffer from writer’s block and wonder what on Earth to talk about. 

There may not be anything particularly interesting going on for you to talk about - or so you may think. There’s always something to create content around; in this article, I will show you where to find inspiration for social media posts. 

  • Create a social media content plan

Having a plan in place makes it easier to curate content on days where you may draw a blank. 

An easy plan to follow is:

These hashtags serve as effective prompts and are great inspiration for social media posts. 

  • Reshare old content

If you’re struggling to produce social media content, why not reshare and repurpose old social media posts? Choose content that will be meaningful to your audience, or a ‘throwback’ to one of your significant milestones. 

Perhaps reshare some of your favourite products or services, and how they helped one of your customers – you could even tag that same customer in the post. Tagging the relevant client means that they’ll be more likely to share your content, talk about your business and describe their experience with you.

  • Share customer reviews

Sharing (positive) customer feedback is a great way to boost client loyalty. Put your customers’ opinions of your business out there for all to see. 

Once again, tag the relative customer in the post; increase the chances that they’ll share the post and talk positively about your business. 

  • Utilise trending topics

Commenting on trending topics is a great way to organically boost your reach on social media. Because people will be actively searching and talking about these topics, they’ll be more likely to see your post and interact with it. Try to avoid subjects such as politics, religion, or anything too polarising; you don’t want to alienate members of your audience.

Twitter is a great way to identify the popular topic of the hour/day - you can even see the top posts for the subject that’s trending and take inspiration from these to create your post. 

  • Host a poll on your socials 

Polls are a great way to generate organic engagement on your social media. Polls can be created around anything to do with your business. For example, a marketing company could host a poll that relates to two new logos and ask their audience which one they prefer. Not only does this provide market research, it will get them talking about your plans.

  • Go behind the scenes

People are intrinsically nosy and will therefore be interested in what goes on behind the scenes of your business. Bring them into your world and show them what a typical day is like for you and your company. Posting behind the scenes humanises your business, it gives your brand a personality and makes you more relatable. 

It’s easy to create compelling content for your social media if you think outside the box. Just keep in mind, with any content you create, that it must always be engaging and relatable to your audience. 

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