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The Rise of the Podcast

The Rise of the Podcast

18 March 2024

ITK Magazine

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7.1 million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis

Young woman recording a podcast

According to Ofcom statistics, roughly 7.1 million people listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, which is an increase of 24% over the past year. From their findings, Ofcom found that comedy was the most listened-to genre, followed by music, TV and film.

Podcasts are truly an inclusive way to listen, as they offer something for all ages, with younger adults making up the majority of weekly listeners. It’s a new way to enjoy your favourite show, to hear from influencers and industry experts and more, at a time and in a place that suits you. This may be in the shower, on the commute to work, or before bed - you can enjoy a podcast anywhere.

Anyone and everyone can create their own podcast - yes, even you! Many people tend to think that their everyday lives and jobs would seem boring to the outside world when in reality they’re far from boring. We all watch reality TV, so why wouldn’t we listen to real-life instances in a podcast, too? People are nosey.

On that note, the general public likes to know when a business is doing well and loves to be swept along on a company’s journey. You can create podcasts about your more significant business achievements, but also about your lows, too; talk about industry-specific news and trending topics that relate to your business. There’s always something to talk about.

If you have thought about creating your own podcast, what’s stopping you? Check out Novus Marketing Solutions, they have a dedicated podcast studio. Book the space and record your podcasts. You can even edit the raw files yourself, or leave them with them to edit and polish. If you’d like to find out more about the podcast studio, get in touch with them here

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