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UK Election 2024: Why Voting is Crucial for Britain's Future

UK Election 2024: Why Voting is Crucial for Britain's Future

26 June 2024

Connor Banks

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The general election is coming up on the 4th of July. And this is the most important election in the history of our nation. Britain currently sits at a turning point in its history, between whether we can continue to be one of the strongest economies in the world or are about to fall into a spiral of irrelevancy.

An AI Illustration of a voting box

It’s no secret that the UK for the last 14 years has been on a long and steady decline. A decline that has been purposefully managed by the Conservative party to extract as much wealth from the nation to their donors and the rich of this country. It’s this government which has overseen and caused some of the greatest crises our country has faced since the Second World War. It was through David Cameron’s arrogance that we got the Brexit vote and decision, it was then through Theresa May’s incompetence that we mismanaged negotiations with our closest trading partners and led to economic uncertainty as businesses fled the country, and then it was through Boris Johnson that we brute forced a no deal which resulted in us having no negotiations with the EU in terms of trade and the problems from that only became more exacerbated by the next crisis that was completely mismanaged. Covid. It was through covid that we saw what the Tory party really cared about. Whilst our family members were dying in hospital beds, alone. They were partying and laughing about the restrictions they themselves put in place. Whilst we lost our jobs, they were giving their friends multibillion-pound contracts for masks that didn’t work, for a track and trace system that didn’t work, and for fraudulent manufacturing companies that had only come into existence purely so the Conservatives could funnel public funds through them.

But that wasn’t the worst of it, Boris Johnson resigned and his replacement was Liz Truss whose term in parliament was outlasted by a rotting lettuce. But don’t worry her impact was just as big as she single-handedly crashed the economy purely based on what she said she was going to do. Her plan was to create £45billion worth of tax cuts resulting in our financial markets crashing overnight. She’s since claimed that anyone who disagrees with this is either stupid or malevolent (her own words claiming it was because of a “deep state” against her despite her move being something that any first-year economist would be able to explain is a bad idea. But I guess we’re all just part of the deep state against her.

She was then replaced by Rishi Sunak, our beloved prime minister who has suffered so many tragedies throughout life. A man who had to go without just like many of us. Parents across the country have had to choose between feeding themselves and their children, paying for energy and heat, paying rent, or making mortgage payments. But don’t worry he knows what it’s like to go without because he didn’t grow up with Sky TV. Whilst Sunak has been an improvement on Liz Truss since he’s not yet crashed the economy, he’s still overseen a government that is more obsessed with a BS culture war over trans people’s existence than anything that would benefit the nation. He’s allowed water companies to dump millions of hours worth of sewage into our rivers making it so that in some parts of the country they’re being advised to no longer drink the tap water.

We’re the 6th largest economy in the world, and yet our citizens are having to choose between eating today or tomorrow or drinking contaminated water. All the while the Tories have overseen the greatest transfer in wealth this country has had in years. Except that transfer has gone upwards. As the multi-millionaires become multibillionaires our junior doctors can’t afford to live and our nurses are overworked and can’t feed their families. But don’t worry, it's not the Tory’s fault they claim. No, it’s anyone but their fault.

So Britain, as we approach UK Election 2024, we currently sit on the edge. Do we choose to have more of the same? More corruption? More inequality between the classes? Or do we choose to finally make a change and get rid of a party that is hellbent on selling the country out for a profit for them and their friends?

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