Speedee and Fido Dido

Mascots in advertising

Nowadays, you don’t see many mascots in advertising. Most companies today seem to want to create a serious atmosphere.


Speedee and Fido Dido

Mascots in advertising

Nowadays, you don’t see many mascots in advertising. Most companies today seem to want to create a serious atmosphere.

EA games logo on the side of a building.

EA Sports and FIFA to end their exclusive deal?

The FIFA video game series has become synonymous with gamers and football fans alike. Whilst the series’ reputation has never been phenomenal, it has always sold well and continues to beat its competition.

buttons with facebook instagram twitter and ticktok logos

Social media demographics and trends for 2022

What will 2022 bring? Will we see a shift in demographics or user numbers on some of the more well-known platforms? Will there be another new site like TikTok to snap at their heels?

man in wheelchair with backpack

Disability representation – why the media needs to do more

The representation of disabilities within the media is certainly an improvement on what it used to be. However, the scope of representation could be wider, but this is not the main issue at hand—rather the type of representation.

Little boy screaming into microphone

What is voice cloning and how can it be used?

You may be one of many people, myself included, who had no idea what voice cloning was, until I penned this article, at least.

Video Creation

Heavenly video creation…

Recently, we recreated the boardroom scene from the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. As bigshot magazine editors at ITK Magazine (well, sort of)

Web code

Should we be worried about what the internet knows about us?

We all know that our devices are constantly listening to us, and that cookies built into websites track our cursor’s every move. It’s how marketing unfolds in 2021

Automation with little robots

Can you automate all the jobs you hate in your business?

Look to the public sector, namely supermarkets, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evokes a lot of fear amongst their employees. ‘AI will eventually take my job!’ is a common fear that’s often voiced.

Business papers that have been printed.

Is print media dead?

With print comes production costs and the burden of distribution. Most people seek information and conduct their business, online in 2021. It’s easier to be topical when content can instantly be posted and put in front of an audience’s noses.

Facebook and Messenger Symbols

How social media scheduling tools could work against you..

For small business owners, tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social can save them time and stress. When entrepreneurs produce their social media content, they don’t have to set an alarm to post it at the required time...

Blog word spelt out in dice blocks

How to choose the right images for your social posts and blogs

They claim that a picture says a thousand words…even if you’ve written a thousand words and you’re about to post these online, it’s recommended that you still include a picture in your post. Mainly because search engines prioritise content that contains imagery in their search results.

Woman using voice systems on her phone

Are businesses adapting to voice search technology?

Go back five years, and the most common way to conduct a search on the internet via such as Google or Bing was to enter a keyword or short phrase in the search box then wait for the results.