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7 top tips for filming on your phone

Whether your filming a quick “where still open” Video or looking at creating your own social teaser. These 7 tips will help give your videos that edge that stops finger from scrolling past them.

  • 1 - Good lighting is critical:

No matter how good or poor your camera is, good lighting will really help with the overall quality of the video. Nowadays a lot of people are filming themselves talking so ring lights are perfect for these. They allow you to bob your phone in the middle of them and light up your face and body.

The real benefit is that because you are looking straight at the phone, the light will be lighting you up, not your surroundings so you will stand out a lot more and the phone will find it easier to focus on you.

Quite often the ring lights are able to change the warmth and coolness for the lights. Perfect for people like me who need a bit of colour adding to them before we go on camera!

Here is the ring light I’m using currently: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QND28H9?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_asin_title

  • 2 Stay Steady

Having your camera waving about is similar to someone standing on a ship, after a while you are going to get motion sickness. Not just that they often look very unprofessional. Especially when you can get tripods for next to nothing these days.

For around £15 you should be able to get yourself a decent mobile tripod which will aloof you to film yourself better, and others. They are also normally really small so perfect to take with you on days out as you never know when inspiration might hit!

The Ringlight featured above has its own phone holder making this the tripod we are currently using. However if you are buying a tripod separately make sure it has a spirit level as it will help you to centre your camera a lot easier.

  • 3 The audio matters as much as the video

Could you imagine watching a film with no sound? It how you build up the atmosphere and inject more emotion into the video. As much as you need to plan for your video to work without audio as a lot of people watch videos without. You still need to have good quality sound.

Try investing in a lapel mic, they will plug into most smartphones and for the £10 - £15 that they cost will ad that extra level of professionalism to your videos. Quite often you will see me using my gaming headphones as the microphone is fantastic and allows me to do video calls. However the lapel mic we use along with our professional equipment is this one:


  • 4 Don’t be too far away

When you are filming your video make sure you are an appropriate distance away from the camera. If you are doing a talking head video (where you just talk to camera) make sure that you have at least your head and upper body visible as people like to be able to see more than just your face. Likewise if your standing in the garden to do a video, make sure that you can comfortably see all of you on the camera as the main object, rather than having the whole garden in the shot.

  • 5 Vertical or Landscape?

This really does depend on what platform you will be sharing it on. Editing apps like Inshot have the pre-set templates so you can always alter them afterwards. However its easier to make a Landscape video vertical then the other way round.

I’d say 90% of the time (unless your using Instagram as the primary sharing platform) you will be doing Landscape videos, simply because thats the way T.v’s, Laptops, Monitors etc are all made. They are made landscape not vertical. Could you imagine having a vertical TV?

  • 6 Utilise video editing apps like Inshot

I have spoken about inshot in other articles as well as in how to videos, utilising video editing apps like these on your phone will add another level of professionalism to your videos as well as allowing you to be so much more creative.

Videos that are purly talking to video are great and have a purpose, but they will never be as engaging as an edited video that has music, different transitions as well as having multiple video streams merged into one video. However these do take a lot more time to do.

If you don’t have a gaming level computer don’t try and edit these videos on your desktop or laptop as you may end up breaking them. It may sound silly be we constantly have to upgrade our gear to keep up with modern cameras as we have burnt out quite a few computers. It may take a little more faffing and maybe buying a stylus to do it on your phone, but the way the apps are designed allows you to do the basic editing you need without paying for the technology to do post-production.

  • 7 Be prepared, Check your technology before using it.

So many people do Facebook Lives, do zoom meetings and record themselves without checking their technology. Check to see if your microphone is plugged in and works. Check to see that the lens is clear and there is no one around to spoil your video. Make sure you have told the other half not to put the vacuum on whilst your filming, and finally check to make sure that you have a strong internet connection. There is nothing worse than doing a Facebook live and then the internet dropping out as all that engagement and all that momentum you have built will be gone in a second.


These are just a few top tips to get you on your way, we also have articles and videos around planning your basic video’s as well as other helpful guides across our website so make sure you look around as we are giving you years of experience in a few paragraphs.

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