Covid 19 infection

Is Covid being used as an excuse for poor service?

It’s fair to say that, despite the rise of infections due to the Delta variant, the virus is not causing the NHS to be overwhelmed—far from it. Hospitalisations are significantly less than they were, as are Covid-related deaths.


Angry Stressed boss
Succeeding at life

Are you a toxic boss?

We don’t just want to succeed at work in 2021…

If I look to my own experience (because I’ve had a good share of bosses, being a self-confessed job-hopper), I must admit that I’ve worked for more poor bosses than good ones. The ones that I hold aloft as ‘good bosses’ aren’t just the ones I ‘got on with’

Imagine going to a social or professional event and meeting someone new (can you remember what that felt like, pre-Covid?!). One of the first things you’ll have naturally asked, after their name, perhaps, is ‘What do you do?’



Cozy hotel room

The further challenges of the hospitality industry


It’s an industry that has been practically decimated by the pandemic. Despite a low percentage of the population contracting Covid in a hospitality setting during the pandemic, pubs and restaurants bore the brunt of many political U-turns

Purse full of Sterling Money

Show me the money!


It’s a precarious position to be in, when a company is on the precipice of growth and expansion. When it’s been brought to the stage where larger premises, new products and/or extra staff are looking like a necessity rather than a distant goal.

Baby Boomers taking a walk

Are companies missing a trick by ignoring baby boomers?


We unconsciously assume that social media is something for the young to enjoy, particularly sites like TikTok and Instagram. Certainly not a route into the purses and wallets of ‘baby boomers’, i.e. those born between 1946 and 1964 who would..

Milk being poured

Milk wars!


As a bit of a job-hopper, I’ve experienced a number of different work environments and cultures. This week, a friend told me about hers—namely the ‘milk wars’ she encounters at her place of work.

Social Media Influencer

The Grey Areas of Influencer Marketing


Growing up with the internet, as I did, it’s of no surprise to me that traditional methods of marketing are failing to grab the attention of millennials and Generation Z. Many have wised up to the artifice and pretence of the advertisements

How social media can affect users’ mental health


There’s no doubt that the internet houses its fair share of trolls and keyboard warriors—people who spout derogatory, insulting, and sometimes threatening comments to anyone they come across, safe in the knowledge that they won’t..

Casio Calculator
Know your numbers!


It really puzzles me when they look at the dragons with a gormless look on their face—they know they’re coming on the programme, and that they will be asked such questions. Questions that any investor would..

Is Klarna revolutionising the credit industry?


It’s long been suggested that the younger generation be taught about pensions and investments, tax responsibilities and budgeting in school, so..

Marketing in another world


There can’t be many places where advertisers have not dared to tread. From the sides of buses to billboards at roundabouts..

The science of exclusivity


Demand and supply make the world go round. If there’s a plentiful supply of something, it usually costs pennies to buy. If something is..

A book group for business owners, anyone?


The traditional book group could probably be imagined as a set of women (I’m not being sexist here, they are mainly populated by..

How to finance a start-up business


More than 77,000 new businesses have launched since the outset of the pandemic. Some people decided to chase their dreams after..

How to personalise your marketing


Over the years, personalisation has changed the marketing landscape; now, it’s widely expected to be one of the biggest trends..

Is social media marketing what it once was?


When the likes of Facebook and Twitter launched, businesses were crying out to reach their audiences via these platforms..

Virtual Reality Lenses
Could we confuse virtual reality with real life?


Question: if someone spent most of their time in the digital world, could this affect their experience of the real one?

Value using Scrabble tiles
How to add value to your customer service


In order to gain the trust and loyalty of customers, adding value is of utmost importance. Although businesses often..