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Website traffic but no leads


In marketing, we talk a lot about generating traffic to your website. In terms of starting points for the customer journey, this could be via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Clubhouse..

Brett Riley-Tomlinson

Free Launchpad workshops


Via ERDF funding, we’re able to offer FREE workshops, in partnership with Launchpad. We are delivering ten workshops over the next ten months and..

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Coupons could give bricks-and-mortar retail a boost


Though few, if any, physical shops are currently trading, it’s surely not going to be too long before they can open their doors once again.

Brett Russell

Print & Promotion - A pandemic start-up


When writing this article, he realised that it was exactly a year to the day he unexpectedly lost his job, due to the slowing down of his employer’s business and the then-unknown entity..

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Top tips for new, self-employed tradespeople


There’s not as many people learning trades today, such as plumbing, building or electric work; over the last couple of decades, the trend for school leavers has been to..

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How to be better organised within your business


It can be quite daunting trying to juggle lots of tasks whilst also remembering everything you need to do when you’re busy in your business..

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7 Tips for the Perfect Website


If you’ve just launched a business and you’re looking for someone to help you create a website, bear these tips in mind, as they will help your site hold its own against your competitors..

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Mums In Need


Mums In Need is a Sheffield-based charity who support mothers to overcome abusive relationships and coercive control. They aim to help mothers get their confidence and lives back, and to once more feel in control..

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Cash Flow Forecasting


Many business owners panic a little when they think about cash flow forecasting, as they don’t really know where to start. They would prefer to leave it to an expert, such as their..

British Pounds

The importance of cash flow


You may have heard the saying, ‘Turnover is vanity and cash flow is sanity’—but what exactly does this mean?

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Consider joining a business support organisation…


There are many organisations out there that offer a wide range of business support. This includes The Federation of Small Businesses as well as the British Chamber of Commerce..

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How to generate a regular income in your business


Given the state of the economy at the moment, it’s now even more important to look at generating a regular income and possibly diversifying your business.


Who is your target market?


Before you can carry out any kind of marketing, you first need to know who your target market is. By target market, we mean the people you believe will most likely buy your

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