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Queue to see the Queen in Parliament Square

Preach mental health – hate Holly and Phil

Phil and Holly didn’t even jump the queue. Like many other media professionals at the time, they were led into the hall to do some filming. They’re the main presenters of a morning talk show.

Fired employee walking out of their office with their belongings in a crate whilst angry boss stands behind them
rows of different lipsticks on sale in a variety of colours and brands

Does your boss want you to quit? The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’

What can lipsticks tell us about the economy?

The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’ continues to rise. Seeing employers consciously mistreating and bullying employees passively to encourage them to resign instead of subjecting the company to legalities of directly terminating an employment.

Lipstick sales, amongst other small luxuries, can actually predict the state of the economy. This phenomenon is aptly named the ‘lipstick index’.

Minimalist blank white wall with all white surfaces and dull chair.
The rise of minimalism in branding

Nearly every big corporation you can think of has changed its branding in recent years, simplifying its design to stay on trend and give the brand a sophisticated and modern look.

Picture of Doncaster Airport
Is there more to the closure of the Doncaster/Sheffield Airport?

Its future had been up in the air (pardon the pun) for a while, after the owners, The Peel Group put it up for sale. A couple of offers were made by interested parties; however, none were accepted as they weren’t close to the figure Peel purportedly wanted.

Crowds converging on Windsor to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Can we all leave Meghan Markle alone, please?

It has become the latest fashion to nit-pick at every little thing Meghan Markle does. The press jumps on her body language, her clothes, and even who and who she doesn’t make eye contact with

Social Media
Young woman Vaping
The Disposable Vape Takeover

Young people always need something to rebel against. Think back to when you were a teenager, what was something everyone did that was terrible for their health.

Air fryer on white table top with white background
My new favourite thing: the air fryer

The air fryer isn’t the only cool gadget in our shared kitchen either. One of my flatmates brought a rice cooker with him. He plans to bulk buy big bags of rice and live off that...

Therese Coffey
Meet Therese Coffey: The New Health Secretary with the terrible voting history

Let me make myself clear from the outset, I think Therese Coffey is an abhorrent woman with incredibly backward views who’s unfit for modern day parliament.

Thursday in fall
Thank God it’s…Thursday?

Thursdays are officially the new Fridays, with workers spending their Thursday evenings in pubs and bars and waking up on Friday morning with a hangover. Friday after-work drinks are a thing of the past..

Royal golden crown with jewels on pillow on pink red background
Businesses’ faux pas around the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

Following Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s sad passing, social media teams around the country have struggled to convey the correct message to their customers. In marketing lingo...

Group of friends clinking beer glasses at a pub
Will pubs survive the energy crisis?

Times look really bleak in the hospitality sector. Businesses are well and truly in survival mode and pubs are no exception.

Cost of Living
Black and white person submitting an electoral vote envelope
Who actually wants Liz as PM? Just call an election!

The rich want Liz Truss, and now they’ve got her. Whilst the rest of us wait for 2024 to get rid of this untrustworthy government, what can we expect under the rule of Britain’s third female prime minister?

Woman with blue nails holding a 1 pence coin from a pile
Does it pay to be petty? 22-year battle over 21p

As a nation, we’re underpaid and ripped off nearly every day. It's quite likely that you've been charged unfairly at some point, but just paid up because it was too much of a hassle to fight. Corporations rely on this mentality.

Two people boxing with headgear on
I actually enjoyed watching boxing, for a change

It’s no secret that I love sport; I talk about it regularly on ITK. When it comes to which sports I choose to watch, I usually go for team sports, such as football or rugby. Last weekend, however...

Graduating students throw mortarboard hats into the air
T-Levels have given me so many opportunities

T-Levels are the new qualification available as a post-16 option. They’ve brought me so many opportunities, and I personally believe these will only increase as time moves on. They really are the next level qualification.

scorching sun overlooking dry planes
Should the UK have siestas?

The days of damp and dismal summers may be long gone—replaced by sweltering heat, sunburn, water shortages, and crop failures. Does the modern workplace need to adapt to extreme heat?

What is ‘greenwashing’?

A number of UK fashion companies have recently come under fire for ‘greenwashing’. ASOS, Boohoo, and George at Asda, are being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)...