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Sunset over the Peak District National Park taken from Stanage Edge


Up and down the country different councils are turning their efforts to ‘rewilding’—but what is it?

Train station railway in london
Red 3D Printed boat bellow a 3D Printer

Much-needed rail strikes

3D printing can now save lives

I appreciate I mention transport a lot, but I really do believe that, without good transport links and a strong infrastructure

It feels like it’s been around for ages, but 3D printing it still very much in its infancy. We were once promised we would be able to print anything we could desire...

a landscape photo of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England, containing: sea views, castles, housing and ships

Businesses are finally seeing the beauty of the North

I’m biased on this topic as I love the North. I’m proud to come from Yorkshire. I don’t envy those in the South. I’m even choosing to move further north to attend Newcastle University, so hearing that more and more businesses are following suit and choosing to come up here from the south fills me with excitement.

women's football team in white celebrating a match victory

Women’s football once thrived. Can it return to glory?

I’m privileged to be related to the great Kerry Davis. Sadly, not many people know her story, despite being one of the greatest football players in England's history.

Close up of 4 petrol pumps

Petrol Protests may appear closer than you think

Fuel prices are escalating so fast that people are taking matters into their own hands. Protests are being arranged up and down the country...

WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER spelled out in wooden letter tiles on white background

Should we move to a 4-day working week?

70 UK companies are trialling this concept, cutting their regular 5-day working week to four days. They believe it will help their employees...

Large crowd of football fans holding red flares

Champions League Final Farce

Once again, football fans are in the news for all the wrong reasons. I thought we were past the Dark Ages, but it appears not.

Large Spanish flag next to palm trees with clear blue sky

Spain’s New All-Inclusive Rules

Spain: a favourite destination for British tourists, but for how much longer? New, stronger rules are being introduced, concerning the consumption of alcohol...

Pile of euro coins on a dinner plate to imply greed
If we could isolate the greed gene…

With energy prices shooting through the roof and every other cost heading skywards as well, it makes you wonder where the situation will lead...

Laboratory in check-up analysis blood test for smallpox Monkey infection blood test on new pandemic virus
Monkeypox: Should we panic?

You’ll have probably heard of this new virus, but before you fret that another pandemic is on the cards, there doesn’t seem reason enough to panic just yet...

Small glitter ball on red background
No bouncer? No entry

It’s been a torrid couple of years for the hospitality industry, especially late-night venues like bars and clubs...

Cannabis plant on left corner on pale green background
Is this the answer to the UK’s financial worries?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed…these are all words that a large proportion of the UK public find scary, but why? Does tobacco scare you in the same way?

Rear of a young women boarding a London Overground Train
Can you refuse to work from the office?

Civil servants are refusing to return to the office amid these financially troubling times—but why?

2FF mini SIM card with precut micro and nano sizes and 5G letters on gray background
BT to make EE its main brand

Two huge brands that everyone in the UK knows — BT and EE — are essentially one entity but how this is branded is set to change...

a collection of finance charts and infographics, detailing a businesses financial statistics.
Five Strategies To Get Your Small Business Out of Debt

According to experts, small businesses should aim to keep their debt levels at no more than 30% of their business’s capital. If your business consistently exceeds this, it may be time to create a plan to reduce your debt. The following tips will help:

Purple light beams across railway
Crossrail is finally here – sort of…

It might be almost four years late, but Crossrail, now branded as the Elizabeth Line, will be finally opening its doors.

Diversity word spelled with wooden letters on colorful background
Workplaces are becoming more diverse, make sure you adapt

All around the UK, workplaces are becoming much more diverse places, where individuality is encouraged.

Small silver chess pieces following large leader gold chess piece
How NOT to lead a team: dissecting the Prime Minister’s style of management

Taking politics off the table, I can’t help but feel the Prime Minister and Chancellor are both perfect examples of what not to do when in a position of management and when tasked with leading others.