man with head buried in the sand

Don’t bury your head in the sand


For many, this has been the toughest start to a business year they’ve ever encountered. In our case, the virus has caused projects to be pushed back, we’ve seen clients go under, an

Man and woman having a drink waiting to open an ice cream shop

Managing your expectations when first starting out...


In a year that has seen a mass number of new businesses launched (many because people have been made redundant due to the pandemic and are looking at alternative ways to earn an income) I thought back to my first days of working..

Man walking towards a Train going to work

Work - What is it all about?


It’s a distant memory for those of us who started our careers many years ago. Although industry and technology have developed over the years, the principles of preparing for work, after leaving school..

Business man and woman debating terms.

Have we forgotten how to debate?


I don’t know when the cut-off point was, or if it’s something that’s built up gradually, but posts across social media platforms are much more brutal than they used to be. I don’t often put my opinion..

Instagram logo made out of blue neon lights

How to write Instagram captions


When it comes to Instagram captions, there is no ideal length. Most people like to keep them short whilst others prefer longer, more detailed text

Woman trying to walk in Icy and snowy conditions

How to stay safe and well in wintery conditions


Some of us were lucky enough to enjoy a ‘White Christmas’. Now that the festive period is over and we’re faced with perpetual forecasts

Empty high street

The downsides of no high street


When the choice of buying online or in bricks and mortar shops was taken away during the various lockdowns of 2020, Amazon and other e-commerce outlets ensured we..

Blond Woman taking a Nap on her Desk

Is an afternoon nap a bad thing for business?


I'm writing this article after having woken up from a quick 15-minute nap - something I would never have done had we been working from the office

ITK Online Magazine December 2020

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  • Things to covet in 2020 - What future must haves for our homes going forward

  • Instagram Backlash - Why the latest updates have angered many users

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Signpost showing Union Jack flag and European union flag

As if Covid wasn’t enough for businesses…


Though many believed coming out of the EU would mean less red tape, to ensure companies are up to date with the various amendments Brexit has brought..

Facial recognition lasers

Advancements in Facial Recognition


Many of us own a device that can be accessed via fingerprint ID, and now many phones and tablets also carry facial recognition technology. However, since the pandemic..

Woman checking orders for her home project

The year of the side hustle


If a year ago, somebody had said to you, ‘I’ll give you three months off work and pay you 80% of your monthly salary,’ you would have..

ITK magazine

"On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meeee....


....the ITKmagazine". One of the most fundamental principles you need to follow to make your marketing successful is the idea of..

Image of needle extracting oxford covid-19 vaccine

Room for hope in 2021


Following the rollout of the Oxford vaccine programme that’s dominating the news this week, politicians and scientists are claiming that..

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