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Are you suffering from ‘Founder Syndrome’?


It can be a wonderful feeling when your charitable organisation grows out of its infancy. When it reaches a point of expansion and growth; when it becomes a recognisable entity in its field and third parties happily signpost beneficiaries to it for support.

First aid Box on a wood surface

First aid requirements within a small business


Every business must have appropriate and adequate first-aid provision. Having a suitably stocked and properly identified first-aid kit allows people to take immediate action if a colleague is injured in the workplace. Although..

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How drilling down on your data could help grow your business...


And if they do find a spare hour or two, they’re overwhelmed by where to start their promotional efforts. In comparison, marketing savvy entrepreneurs..

Why should you diversify in business?


In business, diversification means spreading out into other marketplaces, industries, or product categories. Although it possesses some risk for a business, it’s often..

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Why self-development is so important for business owners


In the process of running their business successfully, business owners often forget about themselves. They neglect the fact that self-development is...

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Should your business have an app?


Mobile apps have emerged as highly effective retail and marketing tools - particularly for small businesses. Apps have proved to be highly advantageous in..

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The war of the caterpillar cakes...


Two of our best-loved food retailers went head-to-head over Colin the caterpillar. Colin’s retail parent is Marks and Spencer, who sought legal advice when Aldi introduced their version..

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How to manage your client’s expectations


Working with new clients can often be stressful; it can take a lot of time and energy to meet their expectations. Modern consumers don’t hide their...

Do you work to live or live to work?


Some businesspeople admitted that they enjoyed working 70+ hours each week, as they loved what they did for a living. Others feared that a four-day week would be the start of a slippery slope…that it would soon lead..


Refresh your marketing strategy this Spring


After a long, cold winter, Spring signifies new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s the perfect time to evaluate your marketing strategy, so take the opportunity to refresh or overhaul your online..

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That’s what Lee Hart of Unbranded Digital, a marketing agency based in Bradford, did in just two years. And the team who helped him achieve that success are celebrating alongside him, after winning ‘Best Client Results’..


Do things differently


If all you do, day to day, is fight fire and simply focus on keeping your head above water, growth will not occur. It’s not that anyone would doubt your work ethic or commitment to the business if this is the case, it’s just that..

More reasons why we use Wix…


If you’ve read our previous article, you may understand why Wix is our go-to platform. Here are even more elements Wix offers that we believe deliver clear benefits to our business and those of our clients.

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