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David Cameron giving speech

Why Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ didn’t work

When the Conservative Party creams off more and more taxpayers’ money from the top for their own benefit (don’t get me started!), it means there’s less to combat the issues of people in need when the remaining funds eventually trickle down.


Will mass redundancies become more common?

Love Island is awful, but I still watch it!

Over the last year, we’ve heard many times that the job market is heavily weighted in favour the jobseeker, given how many hard-to-fill vacancies remain open.

Often described as the lowest form of entertainment, Love Island is mind-numbing, but that’s the point.

man laid in defeat with his work uniform hanging off after enduring layoffs
2 champagne glasses in a fancy tropical resort, facing palm trees and blue seas
People striking in the UK, Photo by Ian Sanderson on Unsplash
Our country has gone to the dogs

Over the Christmas period, I refrained from talking about politics or current affairs, but I simply cannot ignore the state of our country anymore. It’s in complete turmoil.

Cocktail drink
To drink or not to drink

We’re well into January now, and just as I’m getting bored of eating well, there will no doubt be others across the country who are gagging for an alcoholic drink.

Young disabled woman in wheelchair at home working with laptop.
Homeworking: employees love it; employers, not so much

We’re all aware how much remote working became a thing during the pandemic—but that was at a time when UK Plc had no choice but to work from home where possible.

AI hand automating future Arts and Entertainment
AI Audiobooks: Technology is decimating the arts, one industry at a time

Recently, Apple deployed a new selection of AI-narrated audiobooks. Perhaps in anticipation of a backlash and divided opinions, the launch was remarkably quiet.

A rundown of 2022 (Part Two)

Following on from my previous article, here are the standout moments of the latter half of 2022. Are they still fresh in your mind?

2022 on a pc
A rundown of 2022 (Part one)

Happy New Year! Now that 2022 has come to a close, let’s look back at some of the things that happened during the last year. How many do you remember?

Football being played in a stadium
A great World Cup, but it was still tarnished

So, Argentina became the champions. In the process, they created a fairy-tale ending to Lionel Messi’s World Cup career. It arguably cemented him as the greatest player of all time...

nepo baby stood at the top of a pyramind whilst everyone else is at the bottom
Is being a nepo-baby wrong?

There’s been a raging discussion on social media over the last couple of weeks, concerning nepotism across various industries—predominantly, the arts.

woman sitting with hands to her head trying to cope with stress
Set aside time to worry

According to Paul Young, co-owner of Spiffy, The Happiness Shop, we should build time into our busy schedules to worry.

LinkedIn’s 20 Big Ideas for 2023

If the past few years have proved anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. The world is a precarious place; you never know what’s around the corner.

Social Media
Elon Musk is wanting Beds in the office
If your boss installed beds in your office…

Of course it sounds crazy. But, when you think about it, the intention to keep workers close has been at the forefront of many bosses’ minds over the years.

White Headphones resting on a black tabletop
Remember Wordle? Did you know that there’s a musical version?

I think I’ve found another game for us all to play…Heardle.

pandemic nurse looking at her laptop in a dark room
A Dark Age Like Never Before

The global population has reached 8 billion, a recession is looming in the UK, and war continues to rage across Europe.

Girl lounges on sofa next to her boyfriend with a TV remote pointing at the Television
The death of entertainment

I admit, I don’t watch a lot of TV. That said, I do tune in to a few mainstream shows. I loved the BBC’s newest psychology exercise, The Traitors—it felt like an original format/concept, and it kept my family gripped.

Gaming setup playing Call of Duty
The rise of ‘free to play’ games

The gaming industry has a new trick up its sleeve—the free to play model—which has become a popular way to attract new players.

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