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That’s what Lee Hart of Unbranded Digital, a marketing agency based in Bradford, did in just two years. And the team who helped him achieve that success are celebrating alongside him, after winning ‘Best Client Results’ at the ActionCOACH UK Growth Awards 2021.


Do things differently


If all you do, day to day, is fight fire and simply focus on keeping your head above water, growth will not occur. It’s not that anyone would doubt your work ethic or commitment to the business if this is the case, it’s just that your daily choices will not be..

Why do we use Wix?


As a marketing company, we are a Wix partner. We didn't just choose to be so because we thought Wix was cool—we tried all the different platforms. For some clients we still use WordPress or Shopify as this is what..


Give your business a Spring clean


It’s the time of year when you may typically Spring clean your house or yard, but have you ever thought of giving your business a spring clean? Doing so can uncover inefficient processes, help you pump new life into..

Contractors working on a job

Things to consider when hiring a contractor


If you’re planning to renovate your home or business, choosing a skillful contractor that’s the right fit for you and the work is a critical step. A decent contractor doesn’t just guarantee,..

Earning loyalty from your team


It was reported that a company boss gave his employees Monday (12th April) off work, so that they could all visit the gym or go for a pint as some restrictions lifted. This move won him a radio interview, and all..


What will networking events look like after restrictions lift?


The Northern Affinity network of businesses mentioned in one of their recent virtual events that they are planning a hybrid approach to their networking..

Open white sign in a shop window

Are you ready to reopen?


From today, non-essential shops can open, gyms, hairdressers and the hospitality industry, such as pubs. The latter can only serve people outside at this point; however, it’s only a few weeks..

Facebook icons on white badges

Spring clean your social media


Objectively review which social media platforms you use to reach your potential audience. Are you seeing a return on each? Social media platforms are not equal. Some are good for sharing video..

Green Plants in a white background office.

Having plants in the office benefits everyone…


Plants can help people feel more connected to the environment and ultimately feel more peaceful in the workplace. Health gurus promote the importance of taking a walk amongst nature..

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Don't talk about yourself


Recently, the number of websites I’ve visited that have turned me off seems to have risen dramatically. It’s not been about their design as such, but that the site has no interest in me as a visitor and/or potential client.

Two chess pieces finishing a game

Is competition in business a good thing?


‘You need to find a gap in the market!’ is a suggestion often touted by business coaches and mentors across the land. Whilst this can certainly be a positive, there’s nothing wrong with starting a…

Isometric movie background

Why you should use video on your website


There’s a famous quote in marketing: content is king. While written content is indeed effective, visual content is even more powerful. In fact, visual content plays a critical part in search engine..

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