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Even Mcdonald's is raising its prices

The 99p cheeseburger—a staple of the McDonald’s Saver Menu. A culinary delight after a night out. A student’s best friend. It’s now no more, sitting as it does at an insulting £1.19.

Very old Door handle in gold next to a black door.

What goes on behind closed doors…

Lionesses bring football home

This isn’t a post about people’s personal lives, but a fallout of the trend to work from home. Although remote working is infinitely more convenient for the employee, and in..

Amid a time of madness, during a cost-of-living crisis and as the country has no official Prime minister, England’s female players brought football home.

Bugatti Divo on display in Dubai
Supercar sales rise during cost-of-living crisis

Is it that much of a surprise that the rich are still buying Ferraris and Lamborghinis? After all, according to some people, they must have money to burn, because they’re certainly not paying the amount of tax they should be paying!

Man at festival covered with spray on face paint
Finally, some positivity: Tramlines Festival

Dubbed the best weekend of the year (certainly by me and my group of friends), Tramlines Festival 2022 was as amazing as always...

The next PM my take from the TV debate
The next PM: my take from the TV debate

Shortly, either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will become Conservative party leader, and with that, our new Prime Minister. On July 17, ITV aired a debate hosted by Julie Etchingham...

Thermometer showing high temperatures and a bottle of water on white background
Should we be more resilient to extreme heat?

As top temperatures in the UK have now reached 40 Celsius, some people are calling for new legislation regarding working in extreme heat.

What would you give to be happy at work
What would you give to be happy at work?

Whether employed or self-employed, we all have to do what we do in order to pay our bills, look after our families, and perhaps have enough money left over to enjoy our downtime.

Banter and swearing in the workplace
Banter and swearing in the workplace

I read an interesting article this week, which spoke about swearing at work. It used the example of Nick Kyrgios, and other players at Wimbledon...

Sun at low level blurry
Why do Brits struggle with hot weather so much?

Summer is certainly here, and with temperatures around 30 degrees, many of us will struggle to cope - yet other countries don’t seem to have the same issues.

Pictures of Boris Johnson on a Wall
Boris has finally resigned, but who will replace him?

The writing has been on the wall for months. Boris Johnson finally announced his intentions to resign on 7 July 2022. His decision came as a bit of a shock..

Union Jack Flag in the wind
The upsetting reality of 2022 Britain, and why I feel guilty

It was in that moment that I realised I wasn’t truly aware of the struggles the cost-of-living crisis is having on people. I know some are struggling to heat their homes and food banks are becoming overwhelmed.

Formula One driver Max Verstappen driving 2020 RedBull car
How innovation has saved lives in motorsport

I’d like to focus on an innovation that has nothing to do with making cars faster, saving money or making more money; simply, to save lives...

Image of a businessman holding his back in pain in an office
Should employers do more for their employees’ health?

More and more companies are choosing to add perks to their workers’ remunerations and benefits packages that centre on improving their health...

White airship in the sky
The future of aviation is being created in Yorkshire

Hybrid Air Vehicles, a British company, are looking to make waves in the aviation industry...

Closeup of charging port on electric vehicle
Electric vehicles: what about Asia?

2030 will see the end of new petrol and diesel cars being sold in the UK. But what about Asia?

Portrait of contemporary young woman holding LIKE word and smiling at camera while filming video for beauty and lifestyle channel
Fake lives

Not being a firm user of social media, it’s difficult for older people to understand how someone can make money—in some cases, a lot of money—from making videos all day long.

A dog and a freelancer girl with a laptop at home
Make hiring freelancers work for your business

Here are ITK Magazine’s tips that will make hiring freelancers a breeze...