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Subway's Struggle: How a Sandwich Giant Lost Its Bite in the UK

Uncover the reasons behind Subway's struggle in the UK fast food industry.


Labour’s Business Pledges: What They Mean for UK Businesses

Labour’s new pledges promise transformative changes for UK businesses, from infrastructure to finance and sustainability.

UK Introduces EU-Mandated Speed Limiters: A Shift in Driving Dynamics

UK mandates Intelligent Speed Assist from July 1st: New cars now have speed limiters to enhance road safety.

UK Election 2024: Why Voting is Crucial for Britain's Future

Get informed about the crucial UK Election 2024

How digital nomads are redefining work in the modern era.

Explore the freedom, flexibility, and challenges faced by those who choose to work from anywhere in the world.

The Grey Areas of Influencer Marketing

Experience the power of influencer marketing.

More Mascots in Advertising

Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember.

Targeted Marketing Works… Until It Doesn’t

Explore the power of targeted marketing and the allure of defying conventional wisdom.

Rebranding 101: Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Discover how to navigate the intricate world of rebranding, balancing innovation and tradition.

Should we be more resilient to extreme heat?

As top temperatures in the UK have now reached 40 Celsius, some people are calling for new legislation regarding working in extreme heat.

Is having a self-sufficient business an attractive thought right now?

There’s more than one meaning for self-sufficiency when it comes to business...

Finding Your Focus

Striking out on your own and setting up a new business can be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. You will need to be both resilient and resourceful.

The Perils of Corporate Domination in AI: Safeguarding Trust and Integrity

Delve into the perils of Corporate Domination in AI and the imperative need to safeguard trust and integrity.

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