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Woman Shopping at Christmas Time

Where will you be shopping this Christmas?

British retailer, Primark, has announced that they won’t be increasing the prices of their autumn/winter range, despite them feeling (like everyone else) the impact of rising energy bills, a cost-of-living crisis, and a looming recession.


How marketing got Californians buying milk again

It’s California, in 1993, and milk sales had experienced a 40-year decline. The issue was hurting Californian dairy sellers’ and farmers’ back pockets. Something had to be done.

Is your house lit up like the Griswold’s for Halloween?

The ritual of dressing up our houses for Halloween has become more popular in recent years. Akin to Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Truss has gone. Boris has ruled himself out. Can we just go with the lettuce?

A week ago, Liz Truss, quite rightly, resigned. She has gone down in history as arguably the worst prime minister ever, and certainly the one with the shortest tenure in office.

Do you know the true origins of Halloween?

Now that the summer months have ended and the autumnal atmosphere has crept in, most people would agree that the next big event in the calendar is Halloween.

Where do you find motivation?

Motivation is something I struggle with. I have commitments in my life that I should have far more ‘get up and go’ for. For instance, considering how excited I was to get to university, my studies...

Remember onesies? They’re back!

About a decade ago, the all-in-one pyjama set was all the rage. Coming in many different styles, they made the perfect gift. You could even demonstrate your personality through your choice of ‘onesie’.

Hemingway Editor: Improved accessibility, or are we just getting dumber?

Hemingway Editor is an online app that claims to check, correct, and improve your writing. Its specific aim is to ‘make your writing bold and clear’.

Halloween is a capitalist dream, but I’ll embrace it anyway

Celebrated every year on October 31st, Halloween usually features carved pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and scary costumes.

Does your boss want you to quit? The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’

The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’ continues to rise. Seeing employers consciously mistreating and bullying employees passively to encourage them to resign instead of subjecting the company to legalities of directly terminating an employment.

The rise of minimalism in branding

Nearly every big corporation you can think of has changed its branding in recent years, simplifying its design to stay on trend and give the brand a sophisticated and modern look.

Is there more to the closure of the Doncaster/Sheffield Airport?

Its future had been up in the air (pardon the pun) for a while, after the owners, The Peel Group put it up for sale. A couple of offers were made by interested parties; however, none were accepted as they weren’t close to the figure Peel purportedly wanted.

Meet Therese Coffey: The New Health Secretary with the terrible voting history

Let me make myself clear from the outset, I think Therese Coffey is an abhorrent woman with incredibly backward views who’s unfit for modern day parliament.