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Liz Truss

Liz Truss Feels She Wasn’t Given a Fair Chance

When I first read the BBC headline Liz Truss: I was never given a realistic chance to enact tax cuts, I couldn’t help laughing out loud. Surely, she couldn’t be serious.

Cost of Living

Could you be paid to sit in the dark?

A couple of years ago, when we were all ordered to stay at home to avoid spreading the Covid virus, it was feared that the UK public’s demand for electricity would be more than the National Grid could cope with.

A rundown of 2022 (Part Two)

Following on from my previous article, here are the standout moments of the latter half of 2022. Are they still fresh in your mind?

The rise of ‘free to play’ games

The gaming industry has a new trick up its sleeve—the free to play model—which has become a popular way to attract new players.

Where will you be shopping this Christmas?

British retailer, Primark, has announced that they won’t be increasing the prices of their autumn/winter range, despite them feeling (like everyone else) the impact of rising energy bills, a cost-of-living crisis, and a looming recession.

What can lipsticks tell us about the economy?

Lipstick sales, amongst other small luxuries, can actually predict the state of the economy. This phenomenon is aptly named the ‘lipstick index’.

My new favourite thing: the air fryer

The air fryer isn’t the only cool gadget in our shared kitchen either. One of my flatmates brought a rice cooker with him. He plans to bulk buy big bags of rice and live off that...

Will pubs survive the energy crisis?

Times look really bleak in the hospitality sector. Businesses are well and truly in survival mode and pubs are no exception.

Does it pay to be petty? 22-year battle over 21p

As a nation, we’re underpaid and ripped off nearly every day. It's quite likely that you've been charged unfairly at some point, but just paid up because it was too much of a hassle to fight. Corporations rely on this mentality.

Counting your pennies: How the cost-of-living crisis is driving people back to cash

The Post Office has revealed that Brits are turning to cash as the cost of living rises, with personal cash withdrawals up 20% on last year.

ASDA’s Revamped Value Range Will Shock You

The cost-of-living crisis has well and truly got the UK in its grip. Energy bills are already ridiculous and set to increase further; petrol is still around £1.70 a litre, despite a slight drop in the price of oil...

Rising costs impacting charities’ ability to provide support

There’s no getting away from the cost-of-living crisis. Turn on your TV, radio or scroll through your social feeds and there will be some reference to how expensive it is to do anything at the moment—even simply existing.

How the Ukraine war, UK heatwaves and useless governments hurt farmers

Last Friday morning, I took my dog to be groomed. The drive there, of around half-an-hour, is through the countryside that separates Rotherham and Barnsley. During the summer, the fields are typically filled with crops basking in the morning sun.

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