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Closeup of charging port on electric vehicle

Electric vehicles: what about Asia?

2030 will see the end of new petrol and diesel cars being sold in the UK. But what about Asia?



Up and down the country different councils are turning their efforts to ‘rewilding’—but what is it?

3D printing can now save lives

It feels like it’s been around for ages, but 3D printing it still very much in its infancy. We were once promised we would be able to print anything we could desire...

No bouncer? No entry

It’s been a torrid couple of years for the hospitality industry, especially late-night venues like bars and clubs...

Is this the answer to the UK’s financial worries?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed…these are all words that a large proportion of the UK public find scary, but why? Does tobacco scare you in the same way?

BT to make EE its main brand

Two huge brands that everyone in the UK knows — BT and EE — are essentially one entity but how this is branded is set to change...

Crossrail is finally here – sort of…

It might be almost four years late, but Crossrail, now branded as the Elizabeth Line, will be finally opening its doors.

Would you keep it a secret if you won the lottery?

If you don’t feel you could tell your significant other about your winnings, what does that ultimately say about your relationship?

Electric Trucks and ‘eHighways’

We’ve been told many times that electric vehicles are the future. With climate change being a huge issue and, as oil is predicted to run out within most people’s lifetime, an alternative had to be found...

Flexible working is a must have

A recent survey by Ernst & Young showed that more than half of respondents would consider leaving a company if flexible working wasn’t an option...

Has the Kickstart scheme fulfilled its purpose?

The government claims that the Kickstart scheme has boosted the careers of more than 100,000 young people...

Is Brexit still causing problems a year on?

Believe it or not, it’s been almost a year since the UK left the European Union...

Some positive news for pubs, cafes and restaurants

The view is bleak for many businesses at the moment, perhaps more so for those in the hospitality sector, who may (as I write) be ordered to close their doors to the public once again, until further notice.