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Portrait of contemporary young woman holding LIKE word and smiling at camera while filming video for beauty and lifestyle channel

Fake lives

Not being a firm user of social media, it’s difficult for older people to understand how someone can make money—in some cases, a lot of money—from making videos all day long.

Social Media

Why has Elon Musk bought Twitter?

As someone who was once quite active on Twitter, but who now barely uses the social media platform, I’m curious what Elon Musk sees in what I deem to be a past trend...

English football sold its soul in the ‘90s; let’s not take the moral high ground now

Roman Abramovic leaving Chelsea doesn’t make football a purer place. Football is simply a home for crooked businessmen to wash their money. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Want to buy your first house? Then cancel Netflix

Are you a young person looking to buy your first home? Cancel Netflix and stop eating avocado on toast, and you’ll be sorted, according to Kirstie Allsopp...

Can TikTok help your business?

I never quite got the hype about Instagram, and I lost interest in Twitter quite a while ago…Facebook was the only social media platform I continued to interact with. TikTok, however...

Is the CEO of Lush crazy for taking the brand off social media?

Experts estimate this move could cost Lush £10m in lost sales...

More Mascots in Advertising

Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember, which were created by one company only to be remembered for another, as well as some that were once dropped, but which were revived almost instantly.

What’s ‘social proof’?

Nowadays, it’s common for consumers to turn to those who have had dealings with you for an accurate picture.

The financial impact of Facebook’s outage

Just a few days ago, Facebook forced millions of people to visit their rivals’ social media platforms and to find other ways to entertain themselves for a whole six hours.

What’s a ‘grandfluencer’?

This wasn’t a term I was aware of until recently, though I don’t know why—it makes sense, really. As you may have worked out, a ‘grandfluencer’ is an influencer of a certain age.

Social media demographics and trends for 2022

What will 2022 bring? Will we see a shift in demographics or user numbers on some of the more well-known platforms? Will there be another new site like TikTok to snap at their heels?

Where do you find inspiration for your content?

As editor and the most prolific writer for ITK Magazine, having penned more than 200 articles for the site over the last year, I will admit that my ideas for content can sometimes dry up.

OnlyFans’ proposed ban of explicit content

You may have seen the recent news from popular website OnlyFans, about its plans to ban sexually explicit content on its platform from October 1, 2021. The company is one of the world’s fastest-growing social platforms.