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Fifa World Cup Finale Russia 2018 winners holding a trophy in celebration, cheering with gold confetti

I’m struggling to get excited for the World Cup 2022

I love football—I spend my weekends watching it and my weekdays talking about it. You’d therefore imagine I’d be excited about the World Cup 2022.


Rugby lad culture needs to stop

Going to university means meeting new people I wouldn’t necessarily encounter. Coming from a working-class town in Yorkshire, the ‘posh rugby lad’ is a type I’ve not met until now—I wish I never had.

I actually enjoyed watching boxing, for a change

It’s no secret that I love sport; I talk about it regularly on ITK. When it comes to which sports I choose to watch, I usually go for team sports, such as football or rugby. Last weekend, however...

Lionesses bring football home

Amid a time of madness, during a cost-of-living crisis and as the country has no official Prime minister, England’s female players brought football home.

How innovation has saved lives in motorsport

I’d like to focus on an innovation that has nothing to do with making cars faster, saving money or making more money; simply, to save lives...

Women’s football once thrived. Can it return to glory?

I’m privileged to be related to the great Kerry Davis. Sadly, not many people know her story, despite being one of the greatest football players in England's history.

Champions League Final Farce

Once again, football fans are in the news for all the wrong reasons. I thought we were past the Dark Ages, but it appears not.

They just can’t retire!

The general consensus in our office (largely made up of younger workers) is that retirement will not be an option when they reach the current pensionable age...

Is football hooliganism on the rise?

Football cannot return to the dark days of the previous century...

EA Sports and FIFA to end their exclusive deal?

The FIFA video game series has become synonymous with gamers and football fans alike. Whilst the series’ reputation has never been phenomenal, it has always sold well and continues to beat its competition.