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Portrait of excited female football fan waiting for the premier league to start.

New Rules Are Ruining Football

Football's back, but with new rule changes raising questions! Time-wasting crackdowns and player dissent measures sound good, but are they favouring bigger teams?


The Etymology of 'Football': Unravelling the Origins of a Globally Varied Term

Unravel the captivating journey of 'football' from ancient origins to global variations like 'soccer', 'calcio', 'fútbol', and 'futebol'.

Exploring the Resemblance: Football Stadiums as Modern Cathedrals

That headline might slightly confuse you. I’m not saying that football stadiums are cathedrals, literally.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhanney Show the Correct Way to Invest in Football

Wrexham AFC is the third oldest club in the world, and Wales’s oldest. It’s a club full of history, yet it isn’t what you’d consider successful.

The Importance of Sport at University

The end of the second semester at university means one thing for most institutions up and down the country: varsity.

Gary Lineker and the BBC: My Opinion

Dominating the news in the past week, Gary Lineker made some tweets, people became unhappy and Match Of The Day went on strike. Let's all just take a minute to breathe here...

A rundown of 2022 (Part Two)

Following on from my previous article, here are the standout moments of the latter half of 2022. Are they still fresh in your mind?

A rundown of 2022 (Part one)

Happy New Year! Now that 2022 has come to a close, let’s look back at some of the things that happened during the last year. How many do you remember?

A great World Cup, but it was still tarnished

So, Argentina became the champions. In the process, they created a fairy-tale ending to Lionel Messi’s World Cup career. It arguably cemented him as the greatest player of all time...

Maybe I was wrong about the World Cup…

I wasn’t wrong about the host country; Qatar should never have been awarded the rights. I wasn’t wrong that it shouldn’t have been held in the winter; it still doesn’t feel right. But I was wrong about not looking forward to it.

I’m struggling to get excited for the World Cup 2022

I love football—I spend my weekends watching it and my weekdays talking about it. You’d therefore imagine I’d be excited about the World Cup 2022.

Rugby lad culture needs to stop

Going to university means meeting new people I wouldn’t necessarily encounter. Coming from a working-class town in Yorkshire, the ‘posh rugby lad’ is a type I’ve not met until now—I wish I never had.

I actually enjoyed watching boxing, for a change

It’s no secret that I love sport; I talk about it regularly on ITK. When it comes to which sports I choose to watch, I usually go for team sports, such as football or rugby. Last weekend, however...

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