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AI Generated image

Aye aye, AI - how effective are you?

Canva has recently added its own AI image generator to its online software, and programs like DALL.E 2 and Midjourney are becoming increasingly popular.


What is a skeuomorph?

When you go to save a document on Word, which button do you press? There’re many ways to do it but chances are you select the floppy disk in the top corner of the screen. Ever consider that this is a little odd?

AI Audiobooks: Technology is decimating the arts, one industry at a time

Recently, Apple deployed a new selection of AI-narrated audiobooks. Perhaps in anticipation of a backlash and divided opinions, the launch was remarkably quiet.

How marketing got Californians buying milk again

It’s California, in 1993, and milk sales had experienced a 40-year decline. The issue was hurting Californian dairy sellers’ and farmers’ back pockets. Something had to be done.

Does Avatar have any cultural impact? In defence of James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster

James Cameron’s magnum opus—the original Avatar film—is in the middle of a two-week re-release, in anticipation of its long-awaited sequel. Avatar: The Way of Water premieres in the UK on December 16, thirteen years after the release of the first movie.

The rise of minimalism in branding

Nearly every big corporation you can think of has changed its branding in recent years, simplifying its design to stay on trend and give the brand a sophisticated and modern look.

Poor design or lack of consideration?

From design to leadership, men predominantly dictate what the world does. This post centres on toilets, of all things...

Have we forgotten how to drive?

The Highway Code was recently revised, to afford greater protection towards the most vulnerable road users...

English football sold its soul in the ‘90s; let’s not take the moral high ground now

Roman Abramovic leaving Chelsea doesn’t make football a purer place. Football is simply a home for crooked businessmen to wash their money. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Why do young people struggle so much with their mental health?

Everybody will, at some point, struggle with their mental wellbeing. I’m not being ignorant, but mental health issues seem exceptionally high amongst young people. Is this because we talk more openly about it?

More Mascots in Advertising

Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember, which were created by one company only to be remembered for another, as well as some that were once dropped, but which were revived almost instantly.

Website editors: Which is the best (part four)?

Editor X is simply Wix on steroids. Easy, cheap, but professional all the same.

Website editors: Which is the best (part three)?

Webflow sold me a dream; however, it was one I soon woke up from.

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