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Graphic background image of public bathroom interior with toilet stall taped off for social distancing and covid safety measures or out of order

Poor design or lack of consideration?

From design to leadership, men predominantly dictate what the world does. This post centres on toilets, of all things...


Have we forgotten how to drive?

The Highway Code was recently revised, to afford greater protection towards the most vulnerable road users...

English football sold its soul in the ‘90s; let’s not take the moral high ground now

Roman Abramovic leaving Chelsea doesn’t make football a purer place. Football is simply a home for crooked businessmen to wash their money. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Why do young people struggle so much with their mental health?

Everybody will, at some point, struggle with their mental wellbeing. I’m not being ignorant, but mental health issues seem exceptionally high amongst young people. Is this because we talk more openly about it?

More Mascots in Advertising

Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember, which were created by one company only to be remembered for another, as well as some that were once dropped, but which were revived almost instantly.

Website editors: Which is the best (part four)?

Editor X is simply Wix on steroids. Easy, cheap, but professional all the same.

Website editors: Which is the best (part three)?

Webflow sold me a dream; however, it was one I soon woke up from.

Website editors: Which is the best (part two)?

This time, it is Squarespace's turn..

How social media scheduling tools could work against you..

For small business owners, tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social can save them time and stress. When entrepreneurs produce their social media content, they don’t have to set an alarm to post it at the required time...

How to choose the right images for your social posts and blogs

They claim that a picture says a thousand words…even if you’ve written a thousand words and you’re about to post these online, it’s recommended that you still include a picture in your post. Mainly because search engines prioritise content that contains imagery in their search results.

The science of exclusivity

Demand and supply make the world go round. If there’s a plentiful supply of something, it usually costs pennies to buy. If something is..

Are advances in technology making us dumber?

As technology advances and we rely on it more and more, do we use our brains less? Is artificial intelligence replacing..

More reasons why we use Wix…

If you’ve read our previous article, you may understand why Wix is our go-to platform. Here are even more elements Wix offers that we believe deliver clear benefits to our business and those of our clients.