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Even Mcdonald's is raising its prices

The 99p cheeseburger—a staple of the McDonald’s Saver Menu. A culinary delight after a night out. A student’s best friend. It’s now no more, sitting as it does at an insulting £1.19.


Supercar sales rise during cost-of-living crisis

Is it that much of a surprise that the rich are still buying Ferraris and Lamborghinis? After all, according to some people, they must have money to burn, because they’re certainly not paying the amount of tax they should be paying!

Finally, some positivity: Tramlines Festival

Dubbed the best weekend of the year (certainly by me and my group of friends), Tramlines Festival 2022 was as amazing as always...

The next PM: my take from the TV debate

Shortly, either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss will become Conservative party leader, and with that, our new Prime Minister. On July 17, ITV aired a debate hosted by Julie Etchingham...

The upsetting reality of 2022 Britain, and why I feel guilty

It was in that moment that I realised I wasn’t truly aware of the struggles the cost-of-living crisis is having on people. I know some are struggling to heat their homes and food banks are becoming overwhelmed.

Much-needed rail strikes

I appreciate I mention transport a lot, but I really do believe that, without good transport links and a strong infrastructure

3D printing can now save lives

It feels like it’s been around for ages, but 3D printing it still very much in its infancy. We were once promised we would be able to print anything we could desire...

Petrol Protests may appear closer than you think

Fuel prices are escalating so fast that people are taking matters into their own hands. Protests are being arranged up and down the country...

If we could isolate the greed gene…

With energy prices shooting through the roof and every other cost heading skywards as well, it makes you wonder where the situation will lead...

No bouncer? No entry

It’s been a torrid couple of years for the hospitality industry, especially late-night venues like bars and clubs...

Is this the answer to the UK’s financial worries?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed…these are all words that a large proportion of the UK public find scary, but why? Does tobacco scare you in the same way?

Can you refuse to work from the office?

Civil servants are refusing to return to the office amid these financially troubling times—but why?

Five Strategies To Get Your Small Business Out of Debt

According to experts, small businesses should aim to keep their debt levels at no more than 30% of their business’s capital. If your business consistently exceeds this, it may be time to create a plan to reduce your debt. The following tips will help: