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Social Media Influencer

The Grey Areas of Influencer Marketing

Experience the power of influencer marketing.


D-Day at 80: How WWII Posters Galvanized the War Effort

Discover how WWII posters galvanized the war effort.

More Mascots in Advertising

Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember.

Targeted Marketing Works… Until It Doesn’t

Explore the power of targeted marketing and the allure of defying conventional wisdom.

Rebranding 101: Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Discover how to navigate the intricate world of rebranding, balancing innovation and tradition.

Spring clean your social media

Objectively review which social media platforms you use to reach your potential audience. Are you seeing a return on each? Social media platforms are not equal. Some are good for sharing video..

Could these social media updates help your business?

There are few people who are still not on social media in 2024

What does your business card say about you?

Today’s technology allows anyone to design their own business cards, and because there are so many template options, e.g. Vistaprint

The benefits of Google My Business

If you want to get the most out of your GMB listing.

The Rise of the Podcast

You can create podcasts about your more significant business achievements

The Pitfalls of Perfection: Understanding the Implications of Exclusively 5-Star Ratings

Uncover the hidden perils behind exclusively perfect 5-star ratings

Directories that will help boost your SEO

I’ve talked about localised SEO in other articles, and how it’s becoming more and more vital to businesses. As an increasing number...

The Crucial Role of Marketing for Businesses in the UK

Discover how savvy SMEs in the UK are leveraging the power of marketing to skyrocket their growth

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