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Food prices tripling in as many months. Justified?

According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics, food prices in the UK rose by 4.2% in February 2022


The banning of single use plastics

Though there’s no official date as to when this law will become enforceable, there has been an official warning that single use plastic products will soon be outlawed.

To drink or not to drink

We’re well into January now, and just as I’m getting bored of eating well, there will no doubt be others across the country who are gagging for an alcoholic drink.

Homeworking: employees love it; employers, not so much

We’re all aware how much remote working became a thing during the pandemic—but that was at a time when UK Plc had no choice but to work from home where possible.

Set aside time to worry

According to Paul Young, co-owner of Spiffy, The Happiness Shop, we should build time into our busy schedules to worry.

Post-Covid flu is here

Visit any university up and down the country right now and all you’ll hear is coughing and sniffling. The Christmas flu is here, and I feel Covid has made things worse.

Stop the changing of the clocks!

Being a student often means late nights. Most of my lectures are in the afternoon and I’m quite a night owl, so it’s worked out nicely for me. The issue I have now it’s winter is a lack of sunlight.

The Disposable Vape Takeover

Young people always need something to rebel against. Think back to when you were a teenager, what was something everyone did that was terrible for their health.

My new favourite thing: the air fryer

The air fryer isn’t the only cool gadget in our shared kitchen either. One of my flatmates brought a rice cooker with him. He plans to bulk buy big bags of rice and live off that...

Meet Therese Coffey: The New Health Secretary with the terrible voting history

Let me make myself clear from the outset, I think Therese Coffey is an abhorrent woman with incredibly backward views who’s unfit for modern day parliament.

Should the UK have siestas?

The days of damp and dismal summers may be long gone—replaced by sweltering heat, sunburn, water shortages, and crop failures. Does the modern workplace need to adapt to extreme heat?

What goes on behind closed doors…

This isn’t a post about people’s personal lives, but a fallout of the trend to work from home. Although remote working is infinitely more convenient for the employee, and in..

What would you give to be happy at work?

Whether employed or self-employed, we all have to do what we do in order to pay our bills, look after our families, and perhaps have enough money left over to enjoy our downtime.

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