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What’s ‘social proof’?

Nowadays, it’s common for consumers to turn to those who have had dealings with you for an accurate picture.

How to

What’s ‘social proof’?

Nowadays, it’s common for consumers to turn to those who have had dealings with you for an accurate picture.

Do you follow up on your sales?

Many small business owners fail to follow up on the enquiries they receive if a sale doesn’t instantly occur. This can be for various reasons...

5 Tips for Best Safeguarding Practice in Your Organisation

You may believe that this article doesn’t concern you, but if your business employs staff, or offers opportunities to young people on work experience or apprenticeships, it absolutely does.

How to use Canva:

Canva is a popular cloud-based software program that helps users to design graphics and imagery. It has templates that are fully customisable, i.e. you’re able to change the colours..

How to recruit well in business

The costs to recruit a new member of staff may seem insignificant, but once you consider recruitment agency fees (if relevant) and/or advertising costs, not to mention the time it takes to write out a job advert.

What guest posting could do for your business

Blogging may seem like it’s had its heyday, but given how populated the internet is in 2021, and how long-form content is becoming the darling of search engines with every update.

How to choose the right images for your social posts and blogs

They claim that a picture says a thousand words…even if you’ve written a thousand words and you’re about to post these online, it’s recommended that you still include a picture in your post. Mainly because search engines prioritise content that contains imagery in their search results.

Funnelling your customers

It’s a common word in marketing: ‘funnels’. The idea being that, from the moment a potential customer sets eyes on your shop/site, they’re taken on an effortless journey with various pause points.

How to open a business bank account

Now that the pandemic’s days look to be numbered, business banking activities have resumed. After a freeze in operations, banks are now opening new accounts for small businesses.

Why businesses need to be consistent when it comes to their content

Many of us know that content is king. In this highly competitive business world, content can help you develop a brand presence, increase audience engagement, and drive more sales.

What to do if you receive a ransomware threat

A relatively new approach by criminals has caused many small business owners to become worried about the security of their content and their reputation.

Know your numbers!

It really puzzles me when they look at the dragons with a gormless look on their face—they know they’re coming on the programme, and that they will be asked such questions. Questions that any investor would..