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SEO letting with cutouts of cogs and gears in coloured paper

Directories that will help boost your SEO

I’ve talked about localised SEO in other articles, and how it’s becoming more and more vital to businesses. As an increasing number...


Having a dog in the office

He came in, said hello to everyone, then fell asleep

Rethinking Retirement: The Role of AI and Flexible Work

Explore the changing landscape of retirement in the age of AI and flexible work. Benefits, challenges, and the future.

Do employees really need to be present in the office?

The rise of remote opportunities and flexible working arrangements has challenged the traditional idea that employees need to be physically present in the office to be productive.

The cost of a toxic teammate

In a recent article, we spoke about the rise of workplace bullying in remote teams, i.e. people working from home. Though some people may believe co-worker clashes are a feature of the physical office, the stats show otherwise.

Will mass redundancies become more common?

Over the last year, we’ve heard many times that the job market is heavily weighted in favour the jobseeker, given how many hard-to-fill vacancies remain open.

Does your boss want you to quit? The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’

The phenomenon of ‘quiet firing’ continues to rise. Seeing employers consciously mistreating and bullying employees passively to encourage them to resign instead of subjecting the company to legalities of directly terminating an employment.

Important Windows’ shortcuts you should know about

You may use Windows every day, but did you know of these shortcuts and their uses?

Why do young people struggle so much with their mental health?

Everybody will, at some point, struggle with their mental wellbeing. I’m not being ignorant, but mental health issues seem exceptionally high amongst young people. Is this because we talk more openly about it?

Should we be worried about what the internet knows about us?

We all know that our devices are constantly listening to us, and that cookies built into websites track our cursor’s every move. It’s how marketing unfolds in 2021

Back to normal, back to the grindstone…

In a matter of days, most of the restrictions we’ve been living under will be lifted. One of these is the recommendation to work from home; the government will leave it up to employers to decide whether they continue with remote working

Graduates from poorer backgrounds in a conundrum

Maybe it’s always been the case, that graduates from more affluent backgrounds have it easier than those from the other end of the financial spectrum. Maybe Covid just seems to have exacerbated the issue.

Productivity during the pandemic

Playing the guitar, learning a language, or starting to cross stitch, the pandemic forced an inordinate amount of time on our hands, and we filled it by taking up new hobbies. With social media as the only way to connect with our...

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