Brett Riley-Tomlinson

Brett Riley-Tomlinson is a Strategic Marketing Consultant and owner of Novus Marketing Solutions Ltd and ITK Magazine.

Novus began five years ago in Brett's bedroom; the company is now based in Doncaster and employs a team of people with a wide array of specialised skills. In that time, they've worked with more than 1000 businesses, from start-ups to global companies like the Direct Line Group and NatWest.

They've won numerous awards for their work and have been featured in local and national news, as well as in various publications.

Even though Novus is a small agency, it's making a big impact.

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What do you need to earn in your business


It’s good to have financial targets when you’re running a small business, however realistic they may be. You also need to know your business’s financial standing at any one time.

More reasons why we use Wix


If you’ve read our previous article, you may understand why Wix is our go-to platform. Here are even more elements Wix offers that we believe deliver clear benefits to our business and those of our clients.

Why do we use Wix


As a marketing company, we are a Wix partner. We didn't just choose to be so because we thought Wix was cool—we tried all the different platforms. For some clients we still use WordPress..

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Why collaborate


One of the best ways to maximise not just your marketing efforts but your business in general is to collaborate with someone. Now, I don’t mean go out there and grab the first business owner you meet…

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Website traffic but no leads


In marketing, we talk a lot about generating traffic to your website. In terms of starting points for the customer journey, this could be via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Clubhouse..

Brett Riley-Tomlinson

Free Launchpad workshops


Via ERDF funding, we’re able to offer FREE workshops, in partnership with Launchpad. We are delivering ten workshops over the next ten months and..