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Diane Hall

Diane Hall is the editor of, and main contributor to, ITK Magazine. She heads up the rest of the team and makes all the editorial decisions concerning article submissions. She's been an editor for more than two decades and also runs a small, independent book publishing company, The Writing Hall (TWH Publishing) outside of ITK.

crowd of robots stood still in lines

The future of work


There’s a theory that, in the future, our economy will be predominantly based on the currency of time and how we spend it.

A team of smart qualified skilled young engineers discussing about the project of alternative energy with miniatures of windmill turbines at the table.

Is having a self sufficient business an attractive thought right now


There’s more than one meaning for self-sufficiency when it comes to business...

Top view office desk with laptop, coffee cup and open mockup black notebook on pastel green color background

Is hot desking about to escalate


The pandemic has fully disrupted traditional working practices. From flexible hours to remote working, these things were formally tested during lockdowns and found to work well...

Twitter logo in a cube

Why has Elon Musk bought Twitter


As someone who was once quite active on Twitter, but who now barely uses the social media platform, I’m curious what Elon Musk sees in what I deem to be a past trend...

Back view of black businessman talking to his colleagues about plan in video conference from home.

Are the powers-that-be really pushing for remote workforces


Once Covid restrictions were lifted on a more permanent basis halfway through 2021, a range of working models have been adopted by UK companies...

Graphic background image of public bathroom interior with toilet stall taped off for social distancing and covid safety measures or out of order

Poor design or lack of consideration


From design to leadership, men predominantly dictate what the world does. This post centres on toilets, of all things...