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Diane Hall

Diane Hall is the editor of, and main contributor to, ITK Magazine. She heads up the rest of the team and makes all the editorial decisions concerning article submissions. She's been an editor for more than two decades and also runs a small, independent book publishing company, The Writing Hall (TWH Publishing) outside of ITK.

Navigating AI Uncertainties Examining Fears Surrounding ChatGPT


ChatGPT's rise sparks concerns, from misinformation to job loss. Learn how responsible AI use can address these worries and boost productivity.

The Evolution of Business Networking Farewell to the Traditional Business Card


The paper business card is becoming a relic of the past. Embrace the digital age of networking with dynamic tools and efficient methods.

The Impact of Dynamic Pricing in the Hospitality Sector


Discover how dynamic pricing is changing the game for businesses like Slug & Lettuce in the hospitality sector.

Cashless Society in the UK Pros Cons, and Controversies


The transition to a cashless society in the UK is gaining momentum, offering convenience but also posing challenges.

The Changing Face of UK Holidays in 2023


The UK holiday scene is undergoing a fascinating transformation in 2023! Staycations are back in the spotlight!!

continual entrepreneur

Embracing Entrepreneurial Diversity


Explore the challenges and victories within a multifaceted entrepreneurial journey, contemplating the pursuit of creativity, adaptability, and the delicate equilibrium between innovation and stability.

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