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Diane Hall

Diane Hall is the editor of, and main contributor to, ITK Magazine. She heads up the rest of the team and makes all the editorial decisions concerning article submissions. She's been an editor for more than two decades and also runs a small, independent book publishing company, The Writing Hall (TWH Publishing) outside of ITK.

Code projected over woman

Could AI ever rule the human race


The rapid advancement of AI has sparked both fascination and concern about its potential impact on human society.

Woman Sitting in Front of Macbook stressed about being poorly at work

Record number of long-term sick


The United Kingdom is currently facing a pressing issue, with a record number of individuals on long-term sick. The UK’s growing population of people unable to work, due to illness or disability.

Worried Retired Senior Couple Looking At Bills At Home Concerned About Cost Of Living

Have we endured cost-of-living crises in the past


In the aftermath of the Second World War, the United Kingdom faced a difficult economic situation. Despite this, there was no cost-of-living crisis in the country at the time...

Creative team working in an Office

Do employees really need to be present in the office


The rise of remote opportunities and flexible working arrangements has challenged the traditional idea that employees need to be physically present in the office to be productive.

Full Wardrobe

Over consumption


If the syndrome was applied to a scale, I’d be at the lower end. I don’t spend lots and lots of money for the sake of it—I still make conscious buying decisions, and I won’t spend above a certain amount on any one item.

Sorry we are closed sign on a glass door.

The current challenges small businesses face


Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, employing millions of people and driving growth. However, the pandemic hit them hard...

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