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Paul Francis

Paul (Sometimes called ‘Fran’ by his closest friends) works as part of the design team at Novus Marketing Solutions and is an avid Tabletop gamer. He lives with his long suffering girlfriend Bev who puts up with his strange ways, and his daughter Katie.

Outside of work he runs a YouTube channel and his own miniature commission painting service called rootstem

More Mascots in Advertising


Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember, which were created by one company only to be remembered for another, as well as some that were once dropped, but which were revived almost instantly.

Speedee and Fido Dido

Mascots in advertising


Nowadays, you don’t see many mascots in advertising. Most companies today seem to want to create a serious atmosphere.

Don’t be dumb. Letter board. Message board. Saying. Sayings. Quote. Quotes. Sayings and quotes. Quotes and sayings. Life quote. Life lessons. Wise word. Wisdom.

The local village idiot is no longer alone


Social media has now been around for more than twenty years, with the biggest platform, Facebook, boasting a user base of 1.7 billion...

Adobe Flash Logo

Why were flash websites so popular


Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) was once the premier tool for creating websites. Flash dominated high-end websites during the late nineties and early 2000..

Flash Player Logo

Flash is Dead but why


Adobe Flash was the building blocks for many websites and Video Games during the early 2000’s and was even used in TV and film right up to 2020 As of the 31st of December 2020..

Family enjoying christmas songs

Songs we love and love to hate at Christmas


Following on from my article regarding how much money Christmas songs potentially make every year, I had an urge to listen to various Christmas tunes. This will be the first year I use..