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9 tips to generate more traffic and leads through your tweets

Twitter is a popular social media platform

Elizabeth Cromwell


A blue little bird using a mobile phone with twitter on it

Mainly due to the fact it’s constantly up to date, it's easy to access new and trending topics, and it’s a simple platform to navigate. 

Because the platform is constantly updated by users tweeting about trending topics, tweets on any other subject tend to have a lesser relevancy/shorter shelf life – so, how can you get your tweet out to more people?

Here are our top nine tips that will increase your chances of getting your tweets seen by more people:

  • If you’re planning to use Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you consistently use and post on the platform. Because tweets quickly get lost amongst newer tweets, it’s important to post frequently, so that you stay in front of your audience. 

  • Utilise visual content to grab your audience's attention. Posts that include images, videos and GIFs tend to grab people's attention more than a flat ‘black and white’ text-only post.

  • Always respond when people @ you. Twitter is a social media platform; the clue is there. When you’re tweeting, or replying to someone tweeting you, not only does your audience see the tweet, but the entire audience following the person tweeting you also sees it. It’s also common courtesy; if someone has taken the time to tweet you, it’s both polite and professional to reply. 

  • Don’t always sell/market yourself, strive to give your audience value. This is a common mistake made by many people across social media. Your audience doesn't want to constantly be sold to, they want to feel valued as a customer and to trust your brand. Post content that’s sharable and relatable to your audience - make them feel connected to your brand in more ways than simply purchasing your product or service.


  • You can get away with sharing the same content a few times but use alternative captions each time. As stated in our first tip, tweets are easily pushed out of people’s feeds by newer tweets; there’s nothing stopping you from resharing content, such as an article, but create a completely different caption/intro to the link. This stops your content from appearing spammy. 

  • Create several different graphic templates for regular reuse. This is particularly useful; not only will it save you time, it also helps with brand recognition. The more people see the same branding colours and layout, the more likely they are to visit your profile and follow you. 

  • Always add a hashtag to every tweet you post out. Like on most social media platforms, hashtags are a way of classifying content into easy to find categories; Twitter is the same. Simply search for a hashtag, keyword or topic in the search bar, and all tweets relating to that term will appear, which makes it easier for people to come across your content. 

  • Jump on current trending topics. Just like when you use hashtags, all tweets that contain words and phrases relating to trending topics are automatically found/categorised by Twitter. Again, people who are searching for, and keeping up with, a specific topic, are more likely to find your tweet. However, only incorporate trends that relate to your business. 

  • Treat every tweet you post as though it will be visible forever. ‘Resurfacing tweets’ are not a new thing and a common challenge for people in the public eye. Tweets from several years ago may not have appeared controversial at the time of writing but may appear contentious now time has passed. Ensure that what you tweet says exactly what you want to say. A good rule of thumb in business is to avoid polarising topics, such as religion and politics. 

Follow these simple tips and you should begin to see your content reaching more and more people. All you have to do then is keep it up.

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