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Branson in space…should he do more for his fellow humans on Earth?


In the last couple of weeks, Branson has been one of a handful of billionaires to exit the Earth’s atmosphere.

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The impact of the ‘pingdemic’ on small businesses


With just one ping, the affected employee (whether suffering symptoms or not) must be holed up at home whilst their employer struggles to cover their workload.

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People buy a hole in their wall, not a drill…


I used to do copywriting for small businesses a long time ago, when websites were still new-fangled inventions (I’m old, I know). I soon stopped offering this service...

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What guest posting could do for your business


Blogging may seem like it’s had its heyday, but given how populated the internet is in 2021, and how long-form content is becoming the darling of search engines with every update.

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What do you need to earn in your business?


It’s good to have financial targets when you’re running a small business, however realistic they may be. You also need to know your business’s financial standing at any one time.

Cold at work

Why women feel colder in shared workspaces…


There’s always been a debate around the ‘glass ceiling’ in companies, and whether woman can push past the men in suits to govern firms or sit on their boards. Certainly, before the pandemic.

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Should we be worried about what the internet knows about us?


We all know that our devices are constantly listening to us, and that cookies built into websites track our cursor’s every move. It’s how marketing unfolds in 2021

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Keep a handle on costs when starting your business


It may be tempting, from a credibility point of view, to appear ‘established’ when launching your business. Whilst a professional image is a plus, this doesn’t have to equal expensive offices..

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Are entrepreneurs born or made?


At 10 years old, Richard Branson grew Christmas trees to sell. Aged 9, Jo Malone, the candle-making giant, was already dabbling with fragrances, making her own perfume from flowers in her garden and grated soap.

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Back to normal, back to the grindstone…


In a matter of days, most of the restrictions we’ve been living under will be lifted. One of these is the recommendation to work from home; the government will leave it up to employers to decide whether they continue with remote working

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There are opportunities in a crisis…


The pandemic has been brutal to most businesses. Pubs, restaurants, the travel industry…I could cite more examples of sectors that have been hugely impacted by social distancing rules and the restrictions of various lockdowns.

The pros and cons of a 4 day week


The pandemic has seen a number of business people and employees assess their working situations. Whether they’re in a fulfilling career, if they’re prepared to go back to commuting or if they wish to permanently work from home.