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Social Media Influencer

The Grey Areas of Influencer Marketing


Experience the power of influencer marketing.

10 Astonishing Moments that Shocked the Euros


Experience the breathtaking moments that defined the Euros

D-Day at 80: How WWII Posters Galvanized the War Effort


Discover how WWII posters galvanized the war effort.

More Mascots in Advertising


Today, I want to highlight some characters you might remember.

Targeted Marketing Works… Until It Doesn’t


Explore the power of targeted marketing and the allure of defying conventional wisdom.

Exploring Our Global Love Affair with Alcohol


Uncover the fascinating history of alcohol from ancient rituals to modern craft movements.

Rebranding 101: Balancing Innovation and Tradition


Discover how to navigate the intricate world of rebranding, balancing innovation and tradition.

Breaking Down the Most Memorable Eurovision 2024 Entries: Part 3


Unveiling the most unforgettable Eurovision 2024 entries!

Thermometer showing high temperatures and a bottle of water on white background

Should we be more resilient to extreme heat?


As top temperatures in the UK have now reached 40 Celsius, some people are calling for new legislation regarding working in extreme heat.

A Music Illiterate Reviews The Eurovision Finals Part 2


Step into the world of Eurovision with a music illiterate's take on the finals.

A music illiterate reviews Eurovision Part 1


Join us for a hilarious review of Eurovision by a music illiterate.

A team of smart qualified skilled young engineers discussing about the project of alternative energy with miniatures of windmill turbines at the table.

Is having a self-sufficient business an attractive thought right now?


There’s more than one meaning for self-sufficiency when it comes to business...

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