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Would you like to multiply your turnover and your overall business profit up to four times over?



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That’s what Lee Hart of Unbranded Digital, a marketing agency based in Bradford, did in just two years. And the team who helped him achieve that success are celebrating alongside him, after winning ‘Best Client Results’ at the ActionCOACH UK Growth Awards 2021.

ActionCOACH Wakefield founder and lead business coach, Jenni Morgan, first met Lee in Spring 2019. Lee would be the first to admit he was stuck in a rut at the time.

His business was doing okay. It was providing an income, but it was delivering endless project after project with no real growth. Lee was fulfilling most of those projects, but he couldn’t see how to progress to the next level, where he could employ more staff and free up some of his time.

In an initial meeting, Jenni introduced Lee to ActionCOACH’s ‘6 Steps to Building A Better Business’. This is the organisation’s essential recipe that helps business owners step out of their business and evaluate it step by step, with the aim of building a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without them.

This introduction to the ‘6 Steps’ gave Lee a framework with which to assess his business against.

Given the size of Unbranded Digital at that time, Lee opted to attend ActionCOACH Wakefield’s GrowthCLUB.

GrowthCLUB is a quarterly business planning club, where a group of business owners meet every few months to gain knowledge and to plan what they’re going to do for the next quarter, and so on, to achieve growth.

After attending GrowthCLUB for just over a year, Lee invested in ActionCLUB. This is where business owners of a similar size and scale and with similar challenges meet once a fortnight to gain valuable business education, running in detail through the ‘6 Steps’ model.

The first step is Mastery, where entrepreneurs in the group look at eliminating the chaos from their business.

Mastery encompasses the following levels:

Destination Mastery - within which a 5-year vision is explored for each member’s business. Lee determined where he wanted to be, for example, and what he was aiming to achieve. For him, this translated into the number of staff he wanted to bring on, how many clients he needed, and so on.

Time Mastery – Lee explored on where his time was spent in the business, i.e. what he did each day and what he wanted to be doing. ActionCOACH Wakefield looked at the types of people he needed around him to enable him to lighten his workload.

Delivery Mastery – Lee ensures each of his clients consistently receives a great customer experience, and that the whole buying process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Most importantly, Lee worked with Jenni on Financial Mastery – this helped him to better understand the financials of his business. It gave him a number of tools to measure his cash flow and to get to grips with how much money he needed to make to get to where he wanted to be.

Lee and Jenni also looked at the sales and marketing and various stages of systemisation within Unbranded Digital. All of ActionCOACH’s programmes, whether bespoke, tailored one-to-one coaching, GrowthCLUB, or anything in-between, are based on the ‘6 Steps to a Better Business’ model. The system has been developed over the last 27 years by ActionCOACH, the global organisation that its members are proud to be a part of.

Over a three-to-five-year journey with business owners, ActionCOACH aims to get each one where they want to be. They define a successful business as ‘a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you’. It doesn’t mean it has to run without you, but it gives you the choice - the freedom to do the parts you want to do within the business, or to take six months off to spend time with your family or set up another business. It gives you a better quality of life and a better work-life balance.

It also brings another significant benefit. If your business isn’t reliant on you and you decide to sell it, it’s likely to be worth four to five times the original amount - as the purchaser is securing a systemised business that works well and won’t be reliant on them either.

GrowthCLUB was a great introduction to the programme for Lee and it got him used to planning 90-day results and seeing increases each quarter. ActionCLUB then gave him the step up to more intensive learning and support that helped him meet challenges within his business.

The experience has worked particularly well for Lee as he wasn’t afraid to shout out for help when he needed it.

Lead business coach, Jenni Morgan, says: ‘Lee really is a joy to work with. The success he’s seen over the last two years has been down to his openness and willingness to change, to take on support, to tackle challenges and to put the work in to reach his goals.’

Lee has reaped the rewards of the hard work he’s put into his business, with ActionCOACH Wakefield’s guidance. Realising four times his original turnover and four times the profit since he began his journey, Lee has also employed two more staff, he’s moved to a new office, bought a house and is now buying his dream car - a Tesla!

He’s also planning a new business venture for which he sought one-to-one support with ActionCOACH Wakefield.

If you’d like to see the same growth as Lee, book a free one-to-one consultation with their Delivery Coach, Vikki, who will take you through the ‘6 Steps’ model in more detail; she’ll look at moving you forward and growing your business.

Call Vikki on: 07511 156846



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