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Can we all leave Meghan Markle alone, please?

Greg Devine


Crowds converging on Windsor to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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The Queen’s funeral was both touching and moving, and a deserving send off for one of the most influential people in modern history. Despite this, the press is ridiculously keen to make the event all about Meghan Markle.

It has become the latest fashion to nit-pick at every little thing Meghan Markle does. The press jumps on her body language, her clothes, and even who and who she doesn’t make eye contact with. I don’t personally have too much of an opinion about Meghan; I’m sure she doesn’t get everything right, but then again, who does? I just feel sorry for how much unnecessary scrutiny she comes under. The newspapers that want to promote positivity around mental health issues are the same ones that judge her every breath.

Journalists around the country that were assigned to cover The Queen’s funeral should be talking about what a fitting tribute the whole event was to our late head of state. Instead, they’re questioning Megan Markle’s every move. I can’t help but wonder why. Is it because she’s American? Is it because she’s an actor? Or is it because of the colour of her skin?

I really tried to not bring race into this. It’s an incredibly divisive subject, and unfortunately, something you still cannot have an open conversation about in the 21st Century. Does Kate Middleton get the same constant judgement? No! All the papers love her; she can’t do any wrong. Meghan Markle holds her husband’s hand, and all of a sudden, she’s disrespecting The Queen. Yet Mike and Zara Tindall also held hands—I don’t see the same uproar about them.

Clearly, the main reason newspapers run stories on Harry and Meghan is because they get people clicking through to read more. Ever since ‘Megxit’ in 2020, it seems like the British public cannot get enough of bashing the couple. Where is this same energy for Prince Andrew? Innocent until proven guilty is, of course, important; however, despite his car-crash of an interview and the stripping of his royal titles, the papers seem to avoid any mention of him. Go on social media and it’s a different story…there, Andrew receives more hate than Megan.

There is only really The Guardian that seems to provide a more neutral opinion on Meghan Markle. If I search for her name on The Sun’s website or The Telegraph’s, every story is negative, or it focuses on the claim that Prince William and his brother have put their differences aside. It’s clear that Meghan is not a favourite of the public; the couple’s Oprah interview and decision to leave the Royal Family did them no favours, but we’ve seen what happens when a royal is put under intense scrutiny. Look at how much it affected Princess Diana. At what point do we learn from our mistakes?

Perhaps the biggest Meghan hater is Piers Morgan. He acts like a jealous ex-boyfriend and grabs any opportunity he can to take a swipe at her. I’m sure we all remember his outburst after the interview with Oprah. Piers reacted to Meghan’s claim that she ‘didn't want to be alive anymore’ by saying, ‘I don't believe a word she says, Meghan Markle. I wouldn't believe a weather report if she read it.’ Whatever his perceived justification, that was a truly horrible thing to say. His co-host, Susanna Reid, and weatherman Alex Beresford, defended Meghan, which led to Piers storming off set and (temporarily) leaving his role on Good Morning Britain.

Whether you’re a staunch royalist or no fan of the monarchy, please can we just be a little kinder? Harry is mourning the death of his beloved grandmother and he doesn’t need to see numerous negative comments about his wife, too.

Let’s just allow the couple to live their lives and be happy.

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