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How Business Administration Can Help Your Business

Connor Banks


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Business administration is a key part of any enterprise. The role includes the creation and maintenance of processes and documentation within various departments, such as HR, financial services (accounting), compliance, customer service, business development and facilities management, as well as the implementation of other efficiencies and organisational duties.

A business administrator can help identify possible risks and problems within a company. They can contribute to the success and detriment of a business by conducting competitor and market research, using such methods as PESTLE analysis; this identifies potential problems before they occur, which allows the business to put solutions in place to minimise any negative impact.

In terms of customer service, a business administrator can provide the professionalism potential clients would hope for. As the first point of contact, they can improve a customer’s perception of your business and increase the likelihood of repeat sales. Their support can underpin many different departments, which allows colleagues to focus on their work; this ultimately leads to a more streamlined and productive company.

Business administrators commonly assist with accounting and financial tasks, e.g. debt collection, producing invoices, and processing payments, as well as weekly or monthly reports on the company's finances. Focusing on collating information and gathering data, they can create profit and loss accounts, update financial data, reconcile payments and receipts, and calculate a business’s WIP (Work-in-Progress - which is the percentage of overhead, labour, and material costs incurred by a company).

You could develop your business administrator’s value to your company by encouraging them to undertake qualifications such as Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration or Accountancy, or even Customer Service. Typically, business administration courses deliver a clear knowledge of various legislation; for example, Health and Safety Acts and the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR, as well as legislation that may be more specific to the industry they work in. Participants would also develop a knowledge of company structures and where their role can support business growth, improve operational efficiency and enrich the reputation of their employer.

Businessman is holding many document folders on Abstract blurred photo of conference hall or seminar room background, business busy concept

Businessman is holding many document folders on Abstract blurred photo of conference hall or seminar room background, business busy concept

Many business administration courses also incorporate project management and leadership practices, providing the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to lead a successful project. Techniques include BOSCARD, Princes2, Pros and Cons, and Gnatt Charts (these are a way to display the effectiveness of a given project). There are also business administration apprenticeships available; these are often government funded and can help small enterprises enjoy all the benefits that come from employing a business administrator with little outlay and risk.

In my previous employment, I managed the wholesale processes for a company that sold fireworks. I collaborated with a team of four, which included the sales specialists, and contributed to the incorporation of a new ordering system that’s still in use today. This program helped to streamline the order system, which made the job easier for the sales team. The project came into play after I heard them discuss the flaws of their old process; I was able to identify how the system could be improved and these flaws removed. The new process was successfully implemented within the end date requirement, using a variety of project management techniques.

The role carries a broad spectrum of skills, knowledge and responsibilities that can be adapted to any company’s operations. As you can see, a business administrator can bring much more value to a company than simply reception duties. They can not only streamline a company’s processes, but also innovate new practices for business growth, which would benefit any enterprise, within every sector.

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