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Liz Truss Feels She Wasn’t Given a Fair Chance

Greg Devine


Liz Truss

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When I first read the BBC headline Liz Truss: I was never given a realistic chance to enact tax cuts, I couldn’t help laughing out loud. Surely, she couldn’t be serious. As arguably one of the UK’s worst Prime Ministers, at least in modern times, how could she possibly be trying to resurrect a political career that was already a farce to begin with?

Despite this, the Sunday Telegraph gave her a platform to write a 4000-word essay about her extremely brief time as PM. This is not the issue. I care about free speech, and whether I agree with her or not, she should be allowed to have her say. What’s not right is her reiterating the potential of her evidently disastrous plans when the entire country, and her own party, knew they would be shambolic.

According to Truss, her plans would’ve boosted our economy, but they were brought down by ‘the left-wing economic establishment’. I believe that will make you spit your drink out in disbelief. Liz, how can you still, as a failed Prime Minister and laughing-stock of the cabinet, try to blame your terrible mini budget on the left wing? It just further confirms to me how our country, which is already in a terrible state, would’ve been destroyed by Truss. She did say she was not ‘blameless’ in her piece, but she wasn’t exactly apologetic either, in any way, shape or form.

Doubling down on her terrible budget, Truss said that, whilst her experience last autumn was ‘bruising for me personally’, she believed that, over the medium term, her policies would have increased economic growth and therefore brought down debt. I’m sorry to break it to you, Liz, but if this was the case, the markets wouldn’t have gone into the mass panic they did whilst sending the pound towards a record low. According to her, the government was made a ‘scapegoat’ for issues that had been brewing for some time. Liz, Liz, Liz…it’s literally the job of the government to run the country. You cannot be a scapegoat when the only people who have the power and influence to change anything is you and your selected cabinet.

It feels like the Tories are trying even harder to test the water, to see just how many lies we can deal with and how much corruption we will stand as a nation. I imagine them all giggling to themselves over a glass of port or whatever the Eton kids are down with these days, as more and more ridiculous headlines become public.

She went on to say the following: ‘Frankly, we were also pushing water uphill. Large parts of the media and the wider public sphere had become unfamiliar with key arguments about tax and economic policy, and, over time, sentiment had shifted leftward.’ The media turned leftwards because your rightwards government was doing an awful job. It wasn’t a personal dig at you, Liz, it was because you were shocking at your job. You were so terrible that you were sacked after just 44 days. That’s not the media’s fault. It’s yours.

Continuing through her essay, Truss says, ‘I assumed, upon entering Downing Street, that my mandate would be respected and accepted. How wrong I was. While I anticipated resistance to my programme from the system, I underestimated the extent of it.’ I’ll let you into a little secret, Liz. Had it been a good and well-thought-out mandate there wouldn’t have been any resistance, but the so called ‘brave’ package you and Kwasi Kwarteng devised wasn’t well thought-out. It was disastrous.

We are the only country in the G20 to not have positive economic growth currently. Even Russia is managing this, and they’re at war. How can we still be feeling the pandemic’s effects so ardently? Other countries seem to have dealt with it. The only clear explanation is the Conservatives. Their governance just isn’t working. It’s at a point now where it’s actually becoming scary. I’m young, I want a future in an economically stable and successful country. The way it’s looking at the moment, I’ll still be sat waiting for my train following a further ten years of strikes.

The lies must stop. The Tories must go.

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