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Muchos, muchos masks!

If a heavily-built machine of a man asked you to wear a mask to prevent spreading Covid-19 to others, would you comply?



Mexican Wrestling masks being sold

Lucha Libre wrestlers recently patrolled the huge market of Central de Abastos, on the hunt for deniers of the virus, i.e. those refusing to wear a face covering. If they found someone to be unmasked, they would forcibly attach one to the poor guy/gal, albeit ‘in a light-hearted way’ (though how such an act can be seen as ‘a bit of fun’, when these huge guys are pinning you down and thrusting said mask on your face, I’m sure is from their viewpoint alone).

The wrestlers also carried hand sanitiser for distribution amongst market-goers, in a bid to slow the spread.

Mexican Wrestler warming up in the ring

Mexican Wrestler warming up in the ring

Mexico has seen its fair share of apathy and disbelievers amongst its population, in regards to the coronavirus, with many of its inhabitants playing down the severity of the pandemic. With almost 200,000 deaths from a population of 127 million, the country needs its residents to comply with anything that could prevent further cases.

Whilst the UK seems to have its duck in a row—with regards to mask compliance, greater hand hygiene amongst the public and a fast-rolling vaccination programme—other countries are still struggling to contain the virus.

Italy has announced yet another lockdown after cases spiked and a feared ‘third wave’ of higher infections appeared to rear its head. It is also one of the countries to have halted its administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, after a small number of recipients developed a blood clot following their jabs.

The WHO continues to stand by the safety of the vaccine; overall statistics show that fewer than 40 people have reported clotting issues out of the 17 million people who have been injected with the AstraZeneca solution.

The majority of countries halting use of the vaccine are European, which, one may suggest, may stem from something of a political stance than a true concern over people’s health—given that we have left the EU and the AstraZeneca vaccine was produced in collaboration with Oxford University.

According to BBC News, ‘The EU's regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), is expected to release the findings of its investigation into cases of blood clots in vaccinated people on Thursday.

However, it said previously that it was still "firmly convinced" the benefits of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine outweighed the risks and there was "no indication" the jab causes blood clots.’

Well, if the take-up of the AstraZeneca vaccine starts to fall dramatically, the WHO could always send in the masked Mexican wrestlers to convince the global population…

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