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Recognisable Logos


Stephen Caile


the Famouse Nike Swoosh logo

A logo…branding…having a symbol to define what you, your family or your company stands for…is not something new. Consider noble families’ coats of arms and countries' flags - even ancient civilisations used unique carvings to differentiate themselves. It’s evidently human nature to want to stand out from the crowd and represent what you stand for.

Today, there’s an extensive library of company logos that are easily recognisable; we all know what they are and what they stand for just from their symbol, logotype, or a combination of both. From an early age and as we grow older, we’re bombarded with these brands. Even small children recognise the Nike tick, McDonald’s golden arches and Amazon’s smile. 

So, what makes a random symbol on a sign, shirt or screen resonate?

People give human-like characteristics to brands based on their understanding of a company’s values and behaviours. A logo is important to a brand; it visually embodies the culture and character of a company. It’s comparable to a person’s signature. 

The main focus of a logo is to ensure the brand it represents ‘remains at the forefront of the audience’s thoughts’ (Herskovits and Crystal, 2010, p.21). 

The secret to what makes a logo recognisable is a lengthy and complicated subject. If you only take one thing away from this short article, it should be this: a logo needs to be powerful, so that customers don’t just remember its shape, but what it stands for, too. The most memorable logos remind consumers why your business exists. 

Image of McDonalds logo on a white background

Image of McDonalds logo on a white background
Amazon logo on a white background

McDonalds has possibly one of the most recognisable logos in the world

With Amazon's increasing success their logo is becoming very iconic

If your logo isn’t distinct, potential customers will struggle to differentiate your brand from your competitors’. They’ll be more likely to confuse you with other providers of what you offer and spend their money with someone else.

A unique logo will always be worth the investment.

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