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Should your business have an app?



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Mobile apps have emerged as highly effective retail and marketing tools - particularly for small businesses. Apps have proved to be highly advantageous in recent years, and as well as providing a mobile shop, many companies use them to improve their customers’ buying experience.

According to a report, the app economy worldwide will reach approximately $6.3 trillion in 2021. This shows how influential and profitable mobile apps are for any business. Companies around the globe are using them, regardless of the industry they’re in or the nature of their business. The primary reason behind the widespread popularity of mobile apps is the sheer amount of time people spend on their devices.

In 2019, over a third of the human population had a mobile/smartphone device. In the UK alone, 78% of adults use their mobile to access the internet. These numbers are rising, and the mobile app market is growing every year as a result.

What could an app do for your business?

Developing a mobile app for your business could serve multiple purposes. It can help you reach your current and future customers; help promote new products and services; operate a loyalty programme; promote special offers, and present other perks for use via e-commerce or in store. It could bring valuable marketing opportunities that will put you ahead of your competition.

Today, the mobile app acts as the face of many businesses. As a digital ‘shop window’, it can give customers directions to your business, present your opening hours and display your available merchandise - and much, much more.

A well-designed app provides your customer with relevant information and the services available in just a few taps, which enhances their experience of your brand. In short, apps make their lives easier and provides value that eventually benefits your business.

Pros of an app

  • Convenience

Compared with a website, mobile apps are much more convenient. They’re easy to use and load content faster. They offer a range of different features that users cannot get on the company’s website, such as push notifications and reminders, which can increase customer loyalty.

  • Better connections with customers

Gone are the days where face-to-face communication between sales associates and customers was the key to success. Customers nowadays are keener on interacting with businesses online, and mobile apps are a true game-changer in customer service.

A mobile app can give your customer a better and more direct point of contact. Even in the middle of the night, if someone wants information or to make a purchase, all they have to do is open your app and get the desired info, which can be programmed/automated to determine their needs.

  • Provides greater value

Business is all about reciprocation. You offer products and services, the customer opens their wallet. With a mobile app, you can try different methods to increase customer interaction or to provide a level of value to your customer that they can’t get anywhere else.

In this regard, a mobile app can be highly useful. It is one of the best ways to value your customer and achieve an edge over your competitors. You can offer a specific loyalty programme within your app or a reward for subscribers, which will motivate them to interact more with your business and products. To make things easier for your customers, you can allow them to purchase or pay directly through the app.


Though the cons of a mobile app for your business are limited, if the inclusion of an app within your marketing mix is unlikely to bring you a return, either financially or via an increase in customer engagement, it’s probably not worth creating one…yet. Here are the elements we believe could be potential issues; they’re worth considering if you’re thinking about whether an app could work for you and your business:

  • Support and maintenance cost

  • Challenges in tracking and fetching data

  • Profit-sharing with the app store

Every business is different. What may be a positive for your company could be a hindrance for the next. Mobile apps have proved a vital tool for many brands, earning their place among the many tools, tricks and techniques of any successful business.

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