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Social media giant Instagram comes under fire for its most recent app update

Elizabeth Cromwell


A person looking at an Instagram lock screen on an iPhone

Like many social media platforms, Instagram likes to make regular updates to their app to keep it fresh, relevant, and to ensure users stay on the platform. However, Instagram has attracted criticism recently, following its latest app update. 

Two features of the new update have made it harder for users to upload their content. Instagram has replaced what were easy to locate ‘search’ and ‘interaction’ buttons with ‘shopping’ and ‘reels’ buttons. Content creators have spoken out about how they feel about this; they claim that Instagram has turned into a money-making machine at the expense of support to its users. Others claim that the social media platform is trying to compete with rival TikTok, after Instagram dedicated an entirely new section of its app to reels. 

The tab at the bottom of the Instagram screen, which told users who had viewed and interacted with their content, has been replaced with a shopping tab as part of the app’s update. Many people feel that this tab has been strategically placed, as this was typically the first action people would take on the app in order to check how their content was performing. 

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Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri, knew that the update would likely attract criticism. He said in response, ‘We don’t take these changes lightly. We haven’t updated Instagram’s home screen in a big way for quite a while.’ A neutral statement, and one that doesn’t suggest whether he believes the changes have proved a good move for the company or not. 

Only time will tell if Instagram takes on board users’ feedback and makes further updates to the app, or whether they simply leave it as it is. Either way, there’s no denying that the update has divided opinion amongst Instagram fans. 

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